Living Love


Often during the holidays, we are reminded of love.  It’s a time of giving, of remembering what’s important, of family, and love is of course always associated with these things.  When we think of love, we feel that there is someone or something outside of us that elicits that love.  We say that I love this person, or this thing for example.  On the other hand, if we are depressed then love seems to be somehow absent.

Remember when you first fell in love?  That insatiable tingly feeling of openness towards one person… nothing in the world mattered as long as the two of you could be together.  They could do no wrong, and in your eyes, they were perfect.  And then over time, that intense flame waned, and conditions appeared.  Yet if we’re lucky, the smolder stays and matures into a long-lasting, loving relationship – not always perfect, but lasting.

But what if you could have that deep unconditional love towards not just one person, but everyone.  And not just everyone but everything.  The epiphany is that love is what we are, literally.  It’s the stuff we’re made of, but we have forgotten.  Once in a while, someone comes along and triggers that in us.  It’s like someone is able to dig a well to our spring source of love, but then only they benefit.  That source of love has always been there, but we are stingy about what we tap it for – we only provide a well for immediate family, close friends, pets, and dear possessions.

The heart is the opening into that infinite love.  When we open our hearts, love rushes out.  Whatever we open our hearts to, receives our love.  And the less we filter through our minds, the less conditional the love becomes.  The true love exhibited by realized masters is unconditional, and freely expressed to all – everything in existence.  That is of course because love pervades consciousness.  That is why people say, God is Love.

Everything begins with ourselves, so a great practice is self-loving kindness.  Look in the mirror, directly into your own eyes, and say I love you, repeatedly for several minutes.  Acknowledge the short-coming, self-criticisms, and past so-called sins, and still express the deepest and most compassionate love to yourself.  You are a manifestation of the Divine, and love is inherent.  Just realize what’s already there.

If we can awaken to what we are – love manifest – then we need no external triggers to make the love come forward.  We are love within, all we need to do is let it gush out.  There is no limit, the wellspring of love is inexhaustible.

Kahlil Gibran said, “One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours?  I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.”

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