Dress Code for Thanksgiving: Adorn the Cap Of “Compassion”


Thanksgiving is around the corner. Let’s spread the fragrance of gratitude and practice compassion. This is the time to shower our kindness and graciousness to everyone around us.

Once we put ourselves in “someone else’s shoes”, we can feel their pain and suffering as our own. This is a profound and powerful way of experiencing a deep connection within ourselves. This simple act allows us to open our hearts to everyone with no bias and resentment. Our hearts become free and light removing all blockages of energy.

The Thanksgiving holidays reminds all about our “Thankyou” list. It’s a time to reflect on our actions this year. The times we ignored our near and dear ones as we did not take out time for them. The days we did not take the initiative to help colleagues who were going through difficult times. The good news is that we can start to practice this virtue of compassion this very moment!

Being compassionate with people who may have hurt us or caused us pain makes us strong mentally and spiritually as we have to forgive and continue to give support to the same people who caused us harm. Thus, by this practice we erase our spiteful memories, and replace them with feelings of kindness and empathy.

Practicing compassion helps our personality to blossom with a lot of positive characteristics. We naturally become helpful, grateful, warm and generous. This virtue also helps to generate effective leaders, as all the employees are treated with respect. Leaders practice humility and the entire organization works more cohesively with positive energy.

All our selfish desires come to a screeching halt as now our focus has changed. We are trying to make an effort to create happiness for other people in challenging situations. Their happiness becomes our goal, resulting in a subtle transformation of our own inner being. When things don’t work out for us or people disappoint us, the feeling of compassion makes us more forgiving and benevolent.  We radiate positive vibrations

Let’s start with simple things to inculcate this spirit of compassion:

  1. Give warm hugs to people who are in a low emotional.
  2. Offer to help old, elderly people or volunteer your time at an old age home.
  3. Give a day off to your house help even if they were not able to finish all the work.
  4. Take time out to say a kind word to an overworked store keeper.
  5. Be patient with friends and family and help them with their problems.
  6. Avoid dwelling on your own problems and focus on making other people smile. Try to look for solutions that will be beneficial for all. Don’t be selfish.

Adorn the “Cap of Compassion”,  and revel in the joy of transforming the lives of everyone around you. You will experience the most beautiful moment in your life when the sound of their laughter makes you smile too.

“My message is the practice of compassion, love and kindness. These things are very useful in our daily life, and also for the whole of human society these practices can be very important.” – Dalai Lama



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