Moon light on the spiritual path


There is a popular saying “it must be the moon” when crazy things happen.  The moon has been subject of fascination in folklore, urban legends, myths not to mention thriller movies.  Many studies have been conducted to figure out the connection of the moon phases, especially the full moon, and human behavior. But the studies have not yielded conclusive evidence.  However there is scientific evidence that the water in the ocean rises causing high tides during full moon.  72% of the human body is water.  If the ocean bodies rise during full moon, the natural question that “arises” is if the full moon has an impact on us due to body’s high water content.  While this connection is being researched, analyzed and debated, there are other perspectives on the cycles of the moon that deserve consideration.

The full moon is associated with the biggest known event in the history of spirituality.  That event was the enlightenment of Buddha, which happened on a full moon, now celebrated as “Guru Pornima” in India. The celebration is significant because on this day Buddha became Self -Realized and became a Guru to bring light to all of humanity through his teachings and meditation practices.  The  present day practice of Breathe watching, Mindfulness, Metha meditations have their roots in Buddha’s methods.

A sincere yogi strives to awaken and raise his/her energies to it peaks through intense yoga and meditation practices – the goal being Self-Realization and Liberation. The full moon day is significant to a yogi because there is a natural upsurge of upward movement of energies in the system. The blood and the fundamental life energies, flow in a different way because the vibrations have changed. So just as the tides rise more on a full moon night because of the gravitational pull, the blood is also being pulled increasing the circulation in the brain. For people on the spiritual path, it is more conducive to meditate on these nights because without this upsurge of energy, there is no question of awareness.

For Vedic practitioners the 11th day of the lunar cycle is very important.  This day is called “Ekadashi” and fasting is observed the entire day by the practitioners.  Beginning the 11th day, the moon exerts gravitational influence on all water bodies, including the human body which is 72% water.   From the 11th day till the 5th day after new moon or full moon day, the moon influence causes imbalance in our digestive system.  All diseases start with an imbalance in the digestive system.  This can bring weakness in the system and negatively impact thinking and decision making.  By fasting on the 11th day, one can cleanse the digestive system of the toxins from the food eaten in previous days.  Water with lemon juice and salt is consumed to flush the toxins from the system.  Many practitioners find this practice to be conducive to their health.

However to our city life style and the bright lights we don’t pay attention to the sky or the moon.  Thus we have become immune to the moon cycles.  Whenever there is a upward pull of energies our prominent qualities are enhanced.  If we are loving, we become more loving, if we are meditative, we become more meditative etc.  That is why for people on the spiritual path the moon cycles are significant.  We become more and more aware, when the energies rise in our system. Because of this natural phenomena, we have a free ride of energy and awareness.

The next time you see the moon, stop your activity and spend some time looking at the moon. The gentle reflection of the full moon night has its own beauty and coolness. It might even spark your spiritual journey.

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