Doing Yoga Wrong


Despite the tremendous physical and mental benefits that are associated with yoga, occasionally there are those who proclaim it to be harmful.  Those unfamiliar with yoga will latch onto that message and discourage its practice.  But that is like not driving because cars can be dangerous.

When yoga has the capability to change the way the body functions at all levels, we must give it the respect it deserves.  It is a powerful process, honed over thousands of years.  It is a science worthy of a lifetime of study.  Ultimately, yoga is a tool.  It is a mechanism whereby we alter our energetic profile which drives the way we function.  As with any tool, there needs to be proper training and practice before we move forward.  As an illustration, that is why Upa Yoga is taught before Hatha Yoga, and why that comes before Kriya Yoga.  And also, that is why there is so much focus on practice correction.  The mind and body system must be stabilized first – a solid groundwork has to be established before more powerful processes can be introduced.  The taller the skyscraper, the deeper the foundation.

With this context, we begin to see why yoga can de-stabilize someone, if not practiced correctly and not according to traditionally taught guidelines.  Yoga is a wonderful route for a human being to take, but precisely because of its potency, we have to honor it.  We have to enter into yoga practice with a certain level of commitment.  Also, we can begin to see why it is important to receive yoga from a proper teacher, one who has gone through rigorous training over many years.

Yoga takes dedication and a commitment of time, without hurry.  Yoga is a personal willingness to set yourself up for an opening.  There is a surrender to allow natural processes to flow.  Life is full of subtlety that we miss in our everyday gross-level experience.  If that is the case with everyday life, how much more so is it with yoga?  There is so much happening within that we are not even aware of.  With that in mind, we enter into yoga with reverence, and a state of mind that venerates its heritage.  Afterall, yoga is a door into the absolute.

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