Dial Toll free for Personal Complaints: 1-800-FIX-IT-MYSELF


All websites have a customer service number for customers to vent out their frustrations and complaints. But when we have disagreements with our family members, friends or co-workers, who do we call to register our long list of complaints? We can talk to someone, to vent out our feelings hoping they empathize with us. We may use silence as a way to demonstrate our pain hoping people will notice our body language. The undercurrent of the complaint is “they made me angry or disturbed my peace “.  So, we can justify our own behavior and salvage our own conscience.

If we analyze our complaints, we will observe a common theme. We have unknowingly given the power of controlling our own mind, to another person. Unconsciously, we get into the victim mode and create more pain by continuous complaining. It’s not about the predicament or the dispute anymore.  We just got entangled in a perpetual rut of “defensive reactions” and justifications.

This gives birth to the idea of making a toll-free call to ourselves, a very profound way of safekeeping the Power to solve our own problems! Whenever, we have a dispute or a disagreement, we also have the wisdom that We and only We can resolve it. We hold the key, as we did not relinquish this power to anyone. We find no time to complain about anyone, as all our efforts are directed towards finding a solution.

Once this mind shift takes place within us,  the endeavor is to constantly guard our mind from falling back to the old habit of complaining. It very easy to fall prey when we get a shoulder to cry upon. It’s very important for us to be aware of the advantages of NOT complaining. Complaining causes dissipation of energy, as we are creating anxiety and stress within ourselves. This knowledge helps to prepare our Mind in difficult situations. If we simply accept the crisis calmly and refrain from criticizing or grumbling, we are closer to making this 1800-Fix- Myself call a Success.

As we get established in controlling our own reaction, we will gain a stable frame of mind. We will start to feel powerful within ourselves, with a perspective of deepening our awareness with every challenging situation.

Our mental make-up is so fragile, that it can get shattered by any small emotional trigger. Irritation and grumbling disturbs our own peace of mind, creating a mental chatter within ourselves. Before this chain reaction starts, we engage in a new dialogue comprising of empowering thoughts making us happier and more productive.

Next time you are stuck in a traffic jam convert the complaining energy into a positive mode. Take it as a blessing that now you have time to catch up on your favorite podcast, radio show or call an old friend you have not spoken to in a long time. Feel grateful and the complaints will fade away. When a co-worker snaps at you, watch your mind. First and foremost, keep the mind peaceful and then respond to the co-worker. With this daily practice in simple incidents, we become conscious of the thoughts we are creating. Thus, we retain the power to choose our reaction in response to a difficult person or situation.  Keep monitoring your complaints, to identify the triggers, be ready to move on, instead of dwelling on the obstacles and finding faults in other people.

Make a choice NOW. Do you want keep the power to use your own energy to “FIX IT MYSELF” in life or do you want to exhaust all your Vital Energy in complaining and grumbling?

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy, anybody can complain” Henry Ford



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