Contemplations Pointing to the Truth


To make a mental leap towards a new spiritual paradigm, sometimes we need sparks to shift our perspective.  Here are 21 truths derived from Adyashanti’s The Way of Liberation, which can serve as catalysts, if we can deeply contemplate on them:

  1. All thoughts are mental fabrications, not absolute Truths.
  2. True knowing arises out of the Unknown and is its expression.
  3. Deep insights flow to a silent mind.
  4. The present moment is what is, before you have a thought about it.
  5. Suffering occurs when you are at odds and resisting the Cosmic Truth.
  6. Nothing is your story about it, nor anyone, not even yourself. You are not your story.
  7. To live as the unknown is to be happy. This leads to “I am nothing, I am everything.”
  8. To look inside and not find an individual self is the beginning of Being.
  9. This being is universal and exists prior to conditions, opinions, and all objective matter.
  10. Being is the true nature of everything, there is nothing outside of being.
  11. Being doesn’t explain everything, it is everything.
  12. Being can not be objectified, only being can realize itself.
  13. There is only being, manifesting as you and all that exists.
  14. Being is unborn and uncreated, it is the source and substance of all.
  15. Being pervades all and is outside time and space.
  16. Being is a drop of water, being is the cosmos. One is in the other and the other is in the one.
  17. I AM is the ultimate confession of existence echoing through eternity.
  18. Beyond ego is universal being. Beyond being is the infinite.
  19. The infinite is pure, formless potential – neither dualistic nor non-dualistic.
  20. To realize the infinite is to lose your inner world and to find eternal silence.
  21. All is more well than can be imagined.

Each day, take ten minutes and contemplate on one of these astonishing yet sublime truths.  Do so in their pure form, unfettered by your judgements and opinions.  Let each simmer in your consciousness in silence, without adding any thoughts.  And see what dawns at the horizon of your mind.

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