What are Inversions in Yoga


Inversions in yoga are mostly generalized as asana practices in which the head is kept below the heart. They are a fundamental practices in any good yoga practice. For most people, they trigger fear as the thought of going upside down is unnatural.

Turning upside down purposely in contrary to physical human locomotion nature has upending benefits. Just like yoga that smoothly encourages one to detach oneself from any unconscious patterns, inversions shake up things and encourage one to step out of the norms.

Improves Blood Circulation

Inversions reverse blood flow in the body and thus more blood flows into the brain. Due to this, brain cells access sufficient amounts of oxygen increasing mental functioning which consequently improves memory, concentration and the brain’s processing abilities.

Increases Immunity Preventing Illnesses

The lymphatic system is in charge of keeping the body healthy. As the fluids flow through the body, they pick up bacteria and toxins to be excreted. And since lymph moves by gravity and muscle contractions, turning upside down allows the lymph to flow more easily through the respiratory system where most of the contaminants enter the body.


Some inversions such as heating inversions like headstand, forearm balance and handstand encourage more blood flow to the brain. This not only results in physical invigoration but also mental revitalization.


While headstands and handstands energize, cooling inversions like legs up and shoulder stands work to calm down the nervous system which consequently activates the parasympathetic nervous system producing feelings of calm and balance.

Improve Balance

Inversions allows one to develop balance. Once one has mastered the art of balancing on two or one leg the apparent next step is to learn balance on head and hands.

Increases Core Strength

Arms and shoulders particularly in women tend to be weaker compared to the lower body, thus inversions create entire body balance as it ensures both the upper and lower body are equal in strength.

Inversions are fun, they reintroduce one to their inner self and also reminds them that yoga is an endeavor with many contemplative ways. They are fantastic as they can be done all year round and are beneficial especially during the winter when most people spend their time indoors. They not only bring health and physical benefits but also rewards one psychologically. Regardless of the fact that they might seem challenging to incorporate into one’s daily practice routines, picking up inversions may be the most rewarding practice that one can take up to burst out and rejuvenate oneself and access internal energy.

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