Dynamic Power of Discipline


An alarm rings in the morning. Our mind slyly tells us to hit the snooze button so that we can sleep for another five minutes. The alarm rings again. Once again the mind persuades us to skip the morning yoga routine, just for “today”. The next morning, we ignore the alarm. By now our “Mind” has convinced us “ to miss yoga practice for this week”. Thus, inconsistency in our daily routine cripples our progress on the path of Yoga.

Once we set a goal, we need to follow a disciplined routine, to accomplish it. Our endeavor is to establish a deep intention within our subconscious self with a sincere commitment of  attaining our goal!

Here are simple steps to achieve success in our goals.

  1. Start with small goals. If you want to get up early, keep a realistic time of 7 a.m. After waking up consistently at 7 a.m. for a week, keep a new alarm to wake up fifteen minutes earlier than 7 a.m. This may be a slower route to reach your final goal of 5 a.m. but will keep you more consistent and motivated to wake up each day.
  1. Make this a fun experiment for yourself. After a month, take a day off without having to wake up to an alarm. This will be your reward for maintaining the Discipline. Don’t be hard on yourself. Keep the benefits of the discipline in mind and use them to motivate yourself.
  2. Be extremely alert. Don’t allow the mind to become your master. The mind will give you many reasons to break your Discipline or weaken your resolve. Don’t listen to your mind, which will always be in conflict with your goal.
  1. Don’t think too much. Once you hear the morning alarm, just get out of bed and start your yoga routine. This way your body and mind get into the habit of a regular morning routine. After this pattern sets in the mind does not get a chance to make any excuses!
  1. Follow this discipline regularly for 6 weeks. After the 6-week period, this will become a habit; one wakes up naturally without any resistance form our mind and Body. This is a new habit attained by sticking to a routine.

Discipline plays a very important role to achieve success in any sphere of life. It is our willingness to do anything consistently and regularly. We need to tap this power from within at this very moment. Hence, we need to practice this method, with total awareness by being in the “NOW”, without glorifying our past achievements or fantasizing about what we may establish in the future. We have to seize this “present” moment which is the only thing, in our control.

Thus, people on the path of “Yoga” have to inculcate discipline in their Life. True seekers maintain a daily routine without being a slave to their fluctuating moods or outer senses. This will enhance our self-control as well as regulate our physical and mental well-being.

Let’s not waste any more time in procrastination and begin the discipline from this moment!

 “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” Jim Rohn

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