4 Yoga Poses for Sacroiliac Pain


Yoga has been used for years to help with pain. It’s practitioners know that there are some poses that can even alleviate sacroiliac pain. Read on to find out more.

1. Cow Face Pose

Sitting on the floor, slide your right leg over your left. Your knees will be stacked on top of one another and the outside of both feet will be pressed into the floor. Reach your left arm up, elbow to the ceiling, and bend it down to grab your right hand, which will be reaching up from behind your back. Hold hands, breathing deeply. Release and uncross your legs, making sure to switch and perform the pose on the other side as well.

2. Locust Pose

On your stomach with your legs straight out from your body, extend your body, lifting up your chest, neck, and arms. Your legs will be strong and your back muscles will do most of the work. Reaching back behind your back, link your fingers together and straighten your arms like your legs. You will breathe through this pose, keeping your heart open and lifted and gazing ahead of you.

3. Bow Pose

Begin again on your stomach, but on an exhale bend your knees and reach back to grab your ankles. Keep your knees only as wide as your hips. Inhaling, push your feet away from your head and lift your thighs. Your chest will naturally rise off of the floor, opening up as you do so. Keep your shoulders down from your ears and look ahead as you hold this pose and breathe deeply. Relax your legs to release back down to the floor.

4. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Sitting, cross right leg over the left, knee to the ceiling and the outer foot pressed into the left thigh. Exhale and turn to the right, reaching your right arm back behind you to the floor and pressing your left elbow into the outside of your right knee. Turn, breathing into the twist, as you find that you can go deeper. Your right foot should remain flat on the floor and your left leg will be still. Relax the pose and switch legs to repeat on the other side. Always make sure to even out this pose by performing it on opposite sides to make sure that you get a true stretch.

These poses are sure to help relieve you of your sacroiliac pain. Go slowly and listen to you body when trying new poses.

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