Relax and Recharge in Just 5 Minutes


We live in a fast paced world.  We have a penchant for trying to check off as many items on our list that our time and energy will possibly allow.  Even as we indulge in more of the luxuries of modern living than previous generations did, we find ourselves having ever less time for our wellbeing, while being subject to ever more demands at work, home, in our social circles, etc.  Even though it might all seem very exciting, eventually it takes a toll on our health – primarily through the build-up of stress. Stress is the most common and prevalent condition of the modern day lifestyle.  It has not only brought about chronic ailments, but also diminished our ability to focus and think clearly.  Stress has probably received the most attention over the past few years due to these factors.

Now is the time to take charge and invest a few minutes in well-being.  If we can spare time every day to check social media, watch TV etc, surely we can spend take time out on a practice with proven benefits. Sparing even 5 minutes daily can make a big difference in our health. It is as simple as some of our daily activities that we don’t miss like brushing teeth, bathing, getting dressed, eating etc.  It does not take much effort to do.  It is only a matter of creating a 5 minute space without distractions just for yourself.

A 5 minute meditation is designed just for this purpose to quickly reset and bring about calm. This is a great technique for any time of the day. It is also a quick way to de-stress and relax. It can even open the doorways to create more time for deeper and longer meditations in the future. 5 minute meditation is great way to begin.  This meditation technique has become quite popular and are available as downloadable mobile apps.

Everyone deserves a break in the day to relax and recharge. This 5 minute meditation does exactly that.

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