5 Best Detoxifying Yoga Poses


Cleansing your body of toxins involves more than just chugging down green juices and smoothies. For a total physical, emotional, and mental detox, include yoga in your daily regimen to enjoy the full benefits of clearing up your mind, circulatory, digestive, and lymphatic systems. Here are some of the best poses to try.

1. Three-Legged Down Dog

This is great for increasing blood circulation and moving fluid to the lymph nodes because you hold your head below your heart while your leg is lifted in the air. It is also very relaxing for those with a strong upper body, effectively releasing fear, sadness, and stress.

2. Wide-Legged Forward Bend

This is another pose that allows your head to fall below your heart also making it effective in improving the flow of fluids to the filtering lymph nodes and of blood throughout the body. Aside from that, it helps in opening tight hamstrings and aiding in digestion (due to the squeezing of the belly as you fold downwards).

3. Seated Spinal Twist

Twisting poses are known for aiding in digestion and encouraging the elimination of wastes from the body. Fresh oxygenated blood enters your organs as blood flows when the twist pose is released. This brings much needed nutrients to your cells, revitalizing and re-energizing your body. The Seated Spinal Twist is also great for opening up, rinsing, and rehydrating your chest as your spine twists.

4. Bound Headstand

It may seem challenging, but doing this pose is worth it because it improves digestion, removes toxins from your circulatory and lymphat ic systems, stimulates your pituitary and pineal glands, calms your mind, boosts your mood, and relieves stress. It also involves holding breaths for long periods and focusing on your breathing, aiding in clearing out carbon dioxide from your lungs.

5. Child’s Pose with Knees Together

Known to be a restorative posture, this pose may relieve stress and fatigue and calm your mind. Also, the act of pulling your knees in can compress your abdomen and liver, improving digestion. To improve internal detoxification, inhale and exhale through your nostrils while constricting the back of your throat. As you breathe into the backside of your body, fresh oxygenated blood is brought to your kidneys.

Why Yoga Helps in Detoxifying

A well-rounded yoga practice can systematically stretch and compress every part of the body. This is helpful in keeping the excretory systems functioning well. It also facilitates in the removal of carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and lymphatic fluids from the extremities of the body and deep tissues. Aside from that, practicing yogic breathing helps to bring in and circulate more oxygen in the body, clear out carbon dioxide form lung tissues, and relax and allow the diaphragm to move freely, thus clearing up the lungs and massaging abdominal organs. Another reason why yoga is helpful for mental, physical, and emotional detoxification is because it teaches you to relax and manage daily stresses in life, eliminating factors that can cause anxiety, fear, depression, and other emotions and problems that can affect your overall wellness.

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