4 Stress Relieving Yoga Poses


Yoga is extremely effective at reducing stress levels and increasing well being. Most of us experience a high degree of stress in our daily lives, either due to work pressures, finances, family situations, health and so much more. However, just a couple of minutes a day of focused yoga can make a significant reduction in the way you are able to deal with stress and the demands of daily life.

1. Child’s Pose

This is a very easy yoga pose, but one that is able to make you slow down and feel much calmer.

To do this pose, kneel on your yoga mat and then sit down so that your glutes are resting on the back of your heels. Keeping your legs in this position bring your body forwards until your forehead is resting on the yoga mat and your arms are by the sides of your legs.

2. Standing Forward Bend

This pose is said to improve mild anxiety and depression and improve a sense of well being.

Standing with your feet hip distance apart and your body erect, take a deep breathe and as you exhale curl your torso down towards the ground. Depending on your flexibility, you may need to bend your knees a little to be able to reach and place your hands on the floor in front of your feet.

3. Dolphin Pose

This pose is said to reduce stress and anxiety and is also able to quieten down a racing mind.

To begin this position, start in a crawling position on all fours. Bring your forearms down to lie along the floor. As you do so, press up through your feet to bring your legs straight. Your feet should be hip distance apart. As you stretch, reach your bottom up to the roof and ensure that your spine is stretched.

4. Head to Knee Forward Bend

This pose is able to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue, to fight off insomnia and to alleviate stress, anxiety and even mild feelings of depression.

To do this pose begin in easy position, sat on the floor with your legs crossed. Extend out one of your legs, angling it slightly out to the side. Inhale and as you exhale, bend your body forwards towards your extended leg, trying to bring your face to rest on your knee. Your arms should rest on either side of your extended leg.

It is essential that each of us in our daily lives, finds methods and time to relieve the stress and tension that we inevitably develop. Doing these simple yoga poses will only take you a couple of minutes, but can significantly improve your sense of balance and well being.

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