6 Backbend Yoga Poses


Backbend yoga poses, which help to stretch out your back, neck, hamstrings, and maybe even your shoulders and chest, are must-adds to your daily yoga routine. Take a look below on a few of the best backbend yoga poses, and how to do them. It is suggested to hold each of the following poses for ten to twenty breath counts before releasing into a neutral position, but you may hold for more or less counts, depending upon your fitness and comfort levels.

1. Bow Pose

When performing the bow pose, begin by laying flat on your stomach. Bend your knees and slowly arch your back so you may grab the inside of your ankles. Stretch yourself gently into the position through your back.

2. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is accomplished by laying on your back. Place both feet firmly on the floor, plant your shoulders, and arch your back up by pressing down on your heels. Your pelvis should be the highest point from the ground. You may then hold the position, or gently pulsate your hips for a deeper stretch.

3. Cow Pose

Begin on your hands and knees, with your legs on the floor behind you, and feet tucked in. Starting from tabletop position, roll your shoulders to the front, while arching your back inwards, sucking in at your stomach.

4. Cat Pose

Alternating between cow pose and cat pose is a great way to stretch your back from all angles. To perform cat pose, begin on your hands and knees, legs on the floor behind you, and feet tucked in. Starting from either tabletop position or cow pose, roll your shoulders backwards. Arch your back towards the ceiling, pulling your naval towards your spine.

5. Cobra Pose

Start by laying flat on your stomach, face lightly pressed against the floor, arms stretched out in front of you. Keeping the front of your legs pressed against the floor, and your toes pointed, press your hands against the floor. Use your hands to bring the top half of your body up, until your head is facing straight forward.

6. Sphinx Pose

The easiest backbend yoga pose on this list, the Sphinx pose is great for beginners. Begin by laying flat on your stomach, legs straight behind and toes pointed. Pointing your arms forward, keep elbows at chest level. Gently arch your back halfway, keeping the lower part of your arms against the floor. The pose should resemble the Sphinx of Egypt.

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