3 Yoga Arm Balance Poses


Arm balance poses when incorporated in daily yoga practices go a long way into developing the strength of the core, help to keep the bones sturdy as well as sharpen mental discipline. Many yogis have mixed feelings about practicing the arm balance poses since they come off as difficult. This is because they require a lot of flexibility and strength to pull them off.

Yoga arm balance poses are not necessarily a reserve of advanced as well as experienced yogis. For the yoga arm balance poses, the limitation is in the head. Try to be present in the body and do not entertain negative thoughts of impossibility. Here are some of the necessary yoga arm balance poses for an advanced as well as a beginning yogi.

1. Crane/Crow Pose

This is a pose possible for a beginner, and it helps one to understand their capabilities. It helps a new yogi to gain an understanding of how coordinated and strong they are, and it boosts confidence in the process of having fun with yogic postures.

At the beginning place a pillow directly in front of the head, this will greatly help in mastering the pose since falling over is part of the process of mastery.

2. Handstand

This intermediate level arm balance pose requires one to have a sense of fearlessness and just do it. It helps with building up the sense of courage and helps the yogi overcome fear. The fear of falling holds many people back and it one can practice at a wall or with a partner before mastering this pose.

Handstands greatly help to build strength in the arms as well as the shoulders. After mastering the pose, one feels lighter and more coordinated within the body.

3. Scorpion Pose

This advanced arm balance pose incorporates balancing on the hands, backbends, and being upside down. It consists of two variations; the traditional scorpion poses done with the forearms on the ground and the most modern variation in the handstand pose.

The scorpion arm balance pose creates flexibility of the spine and develops full-body strength. This arm balance pose also helps the yogi to develop a deep sense of concentration and focus. Practice should be with an experienced teacher for proper guidance.

Many of the yoga arm balance poses involve the use of the wrists, and it is necessary that you seek variations to the poses if you have injuries or issues with the wrists. The poses above give the yogi a boost of self-confidence with continued practice.

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