3 Techniques for Coping with Betrayal


Betrayal is always hard to deal with, as we can only get betrayed by someone who we deeply trust. A close friend, a family member, a romantic partner can disappoint you and leave you to feel puzzled about the trustworthiness of your relationships. Whether you choose to rebuild that trust that has been betrayed or not, the only and best way is first to deal with yourself and practice forgiveness. This might sound harsh in the beginning but in the long run, it can save you from further consequences.

1. Focus on Your Feelings

We can easily exaggerate situations and feel overwhelmed by hatred and anger. Focus on your feelings and identify them. If you don’t deal with them and hold them in, they can have a negative affect on your life. In some cases, it can help to write it down how you exactly feel, which can also bring you closer to a resolution regarding your situation – or help you make a decision whether you should rebuild trust or not. What is most important, is that you shouldn’t suppress these feelings, as they can lead to health issues.

2. Give Yourself Time

The wisest approach in these situations is to give yourself time. As you are usually overwhelmed with negative emotions, they can easily block your sight and make it impossible to make a decision regarding the future of your relationship with the person who betrayed you. Take your time, analyze the situation and avoid contacting the person until you feel that you are up to the challenge. Don’t rush yourself into situations or decisions, as you can simply just worsen the situation.

3. Retaliation is Never The Answer

In the beginning, you might feel that the old saying “eye for an eye” is the answer for your case. You might find yourself thinking about the various ways how you could take your revenge, but remember, that it is simply never the answer. If you keep yourself to the second point and give yourself time, you will also realize that there is no point in this approach. It is a much bigger success morally to either forgive or simply walk away from the situation.

If you have anyone who you can talk to honestly, don’t be afraid to get it off your chest. More importantly, in these situations the opinion of an “outsider” is one of the most valuable assets, that can help you to cope with betrayal.

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