Remodeling project: “Update” Ourselves


Times are changing with so many people working from home. As people are spending considerable number of hours at home, they are paying attention to the condition of their house. Home projects which had been on the shelf due to lack of time, are getting completed. “A stitch in time, saves nine”. This phrase illustrates the need to make timely repairs and keep a budget for the upkeep of a home. Landscapers, remodeling companies, construction specialists are being hired to “update” the current homes.

What a beautiful opportunity to “update” ourselves too! We been delaying this “renovation”- for too long with too many excuses. It’s a remodeling opportunity to make ourselves resilient and mentally strong, to be able to tackle any challenging situations and circumstances. It really means to discover tools for inner transformation which aid in letting us “observe” ourselves.

Once we deepen our awareness by going inwards, we become aware of our strengths, weaknesses, desires, compulsions etc. The same principle is used in any home renovation project  We call a specialist or use online resources to assess the wear and tear, and how to fix it.

So, design a plan for revitalizing and restoring “Yourself”.  Here are some tips.

  1. Set a firm intent to start this inward journey.
  2. Become conscious of your intent and set a time aside for it every day.
  3. Don’t need to take drastic quick fix steps, and jump into something you may not be able to commit your time to.
  4. Do simple things like –
    1. Get up in the morning, smile and feel grateful.
    2. Do few easy stretches to keep your body flexible.
    3. Spend time in nature in silence. Go for a walk.
    4. Listen to soothing music, allowing your body and mind to relax.
  1. Perform tasks without getting distracted and avoid multi-tasking. However small a chore, do it with your full attention.
  2. Laugh a bit more to break a serious mood pattern.
  3. At night before sleeping spend 5 minutes reflecting on your whole day. Take a few deep breaths to help you calm yourself.

It may seem that you really doing nothing. In reality, as you inculcate these practices in your daily routine, your body and mind are breaking away from a habitual rigid pattern of so many years.  By doing this practice regularly you are carving new paths with slow and subtle changes.

Each individual has their own journey. Some are more spiritually inclined than others. Thus, it’s very important to remember that we should not compare with someone else. Our progress depends on our sincerity towards this “remodeling” project. Therefore, consistency is an essential factor to keep us focused on our daily routine, which means these practices need to be done with a certain amount of willingness, instead of making it like a chore. We should feel motivated to invest our time to revamp ourselves and start our personal growth.

As we are setting the foundation stone with strong fundamentals taking these baby steps is key and a prerequisite for our “Update”!

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