What are Yoga Blocks Used For


When people think of yoga, they imagine nothing but someone and their yoga mat doing a whole lot of beautiful poses. While this seems like the ideal image of a typical yoga session, the truth is, most yoga sessions aren’t as prop free as just one person and one mat. In reality, there are a whole arsenal of props and devices people use to enhance their yoga journey, but one of the more popular props that people tend to use is the yoga block. While the average yogi may not use a block in their time as a practitioner, the truth is they could be missing out on a whole lot more if they actually utilized this very misunderstood and poorly known tool.

What Is a Block And What Does It Look Like?

When it comes to yoga blocks, there isn’t anything special about them. They are exactly what they sound like: small, half a foot long blocks that are often crafted and made of rubber or some sort of traction-prone material. The block itself should be easily placed and used by just about anyone regardless of how experienced they are. There really isn’t much to how they look, but the true versatility of a yoga block shows out in terms of how it’s used.

How Do You Use a Yoga Block?

When it comes to props, the yoga block is poorly understood. because it’s so simple in its construction, a lot of people aren’t sure to how to use it. A lot of people tend to use them as some sort of seat or platform, but in reality, the best uses of the block are uses that will maximize the ease of certain posses and enhancing how someone uses the block in terms of interacting with their fellow yoga practitioners.

If you have other yogis that are unable to hit a certain pose, the block can be used to shorten the distance between the practitioner’s arm and the ground. If a yoga practitioner lacks a certain amount of flexibility, the block can be used as a fulcrum to facilitate a greater level of hip or knee extension, thereby allowing the practitioner to complete a pose they might otherwise be unable to finish. In summation, the yoga block is a very important tool in any practitioners journey, and it should be something that many practitioners give a try in terms of using regardless of their experience level.

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