Willpower makes the Impossible – Possible


When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it – Jim Rohm 

Developing a strong will-power is the key to keep us determined and stay focused on the task. This is the process of using the mind as a powerful instrument to overcome all inferences and hardships. As soon as we make a firm resolve to do something, our mind becomes aware about it; the mind tries to play tricks and weaken our resolve in various ways. Thus, this mind can work for us or against us, depending on the strength of our own Will-Power.

Take a simple  and common example of our commitment to go to daily to the gym. Sure enough some days we feel lazy and start looking for excuses to break the gym routine. Our mind is an expert, when it comes to using tricks to diminish our willpower.

To enhance our Will-Power, we need to perform simple tasks with a consistency and commitment. Initially, we have to make a strong resolve in our mind and stick to it. It’s almost like taking a vow for doing some task, and not breaking the vow. Thus, our journey to develop a strong will has begun! The practice of doing small things with a strong decision is  also called “Sankalp” in Sanskrit language. Our smart mind knows that we are trying to control it. Hence the mind attempts to sabotage our discipline with various temptations.

Sahil made a firm decision to  practice early morning, with an intention to improve his Tennis game. This meant sacrificing all late-night social engagements and get-togethers with his friends. Thus, Sahil had to miss all late-night parties as he had made a promise to himself to stick to this discipline to wake up early morning. Sahil stuck to his resolve, thwarted all enticements, and continued refused all late-night get-togethers. Sahil had won a victory over his own mind. These tiny victories make our Will-Power strong.

Now, next time, Sahil sets his eyes to accomplish anything, he has an advantage of an existing  dynamic  and forceful will-power to achieve it. The presence of a subtle force within us, allows us to attach ourselves to our goals with a compelling will power; as a consequence, we are able to energetically achieve these goals. Any hardship that comes across our way, can be overcome with complete faith in ourselves. This is extremely profound; the underlying concept is that all the negative forces get transformed into positive energy, opening up new doors to invigorate our own Mind transforming us into Masters of our Mind!

Our ego wants us to take big tasks, undermining the importance of small tasks. Till we don’t complete small tasks with discipline and consistency, our will power will not improve. Hence small decisions become the stepping stones for re-enforcing Will-power for big decisions in the near future. This endeavor makes our mind our friend as it’s no longer creates obstacles to reach our goals.

Meditation, regular exercise, breathing control, yoga are tools to help us on our journey. Deepen your own awareness and understand your own strengths and weaknesses. Take one component from your strengths  and use that force to work on the fundamental weakness which has become a hindrance in the path of increasing your Will-Power.


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