What is Laughing Yoga


Laughing yoga is a relatively newer form of exercise. Like many other types of yoga, it originated in India and began sometime in the mid 1990’s. This completely non-opinionated form of laughter, when done correctly, can resemble a sort of internal jogging, as it takes the art of laughter and transforms it into a physical exercise.

What’s Behind Laughing Yoga

The core reasoning behind laughing exercises begin with the notion that your body already knows how ti laugh. Whether or not your mind finds something worth laughing about is an entirely different concept that isn’t needed to be deciphered here. As it follows a body-over-mind approach to laughter, people who participate do not need to develop a plethora of jokes, have a well-established sense of humor, and they do not even need to be happy. The purpose is to make yourself laugh for absolutely no reason at all, and continuing that laughter until it becomes real. Laughter can improve all immune functions as it promotes positive overall feelings, betters one’s interpersonal skills, and brings in a ton of healthy oxygen to the body and brain.

What’s the Connection

So, what is the exact connection between laughter and yoga? Well, the biggest and hardest thing commonly endured in any yoga practice is the ability to perfect overall breathing techniques. That breathing is the key element to laughing yoga and one can excel at it without the added pressure of needing to stand in a fancy pose or contort their body in an uncomfortable manner. All one has to do is be able to laugh.

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the root word ‘Yuj’ which means to grasp, integrate, and balance. It promotes the idea to unite all aspects in life, merging our bodies with our mind, our spirit, as well as our society. As you deepen your breathing, you ultimately calm your entire body, which calms your mind, rendering you more aware of your present situation. The ability and idea of experiencing that ‘now’ feeling is crucial as it is the only instance where true happiness can be reached and experienced.

There are many teachings to the art of laughter as an exercise and it is highly recommended to start, regardless of who you are and what you are doing. Becoming an expert in this technique will lead to unlocking a wide array of benefits that promote wellness, and also well-being, in everyday, modern life both at home and at work.

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