What do People Wear to Hot Yoga


When it comes to yoga, it is an art form that can be very intimidating for a number of reasons. Unlike other activities, it is often something that is performed in a group setting. This means that the unsettling event of looking silly in front of others can present itself, and one of the primary concerns people have when it comes to something like yoga is how someone can fit in with everyone else. This can make the practice, not only very appealing, but also, very complicated in terms of what it provides. But rather than having to worry about not fitting in, you can know some of the best ways to dress to impress when it comes to hot yoga and any other similar yoga style.


When it comes to yoga styled shirts, consider purchasing tank tops for the occasion. Tank tops not only allow a lot of freedom of movement, but it will allow you to really feel comfortable and not as stressed in terms of heat and confinement. With something like yoga, you need as much flexibility and freedom as possible, so plan on ditching any scratchy or uncomfortable t-shirts that you would traditionally wear to go lift weights or something similar. With hot yoga, some practitioners (usually male) opt to wear no shirt at all.


When it comes to pants or garments worn on the legs, yoga is very liberal in that area. Feel free to wear something stretchy or form fitting. Sometimes, holding poses for a long duration can cause chafing and other discomfort. By ensuring you’re maximizing your ability to stay comfortable and in control, you’ll be best served by wearing something that allows you freedom of movement and won’t break or tear under stress. A lot of people in hot yoga opt to wear shorts or form fitting leggings, the more breathable the better.

No Need For Accessories

The one great thing about yoga is you don’t need a lot of things to do it to the best of your ability. Rather than worrying about wearing tons of accessories, you need only wear the shirt or pants you come to class with. Hot yoga is especially about maximizing the simplicity of the art form, and rather than doing something uncharacteristic or out of your comfort zone, stay content with just being yourself and expecting to learn something new, rather than being stuck in your ways.

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