What is Fusion Yoga


Fusion Yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to incorporate other, more common forms of fitness. This can include anything from resistance training, Pilates and even strength training.

Fusion yoga is practiced worldwide as the blend of the traditional East Indian yoga and more modernized fitness types promotes strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance and stamina all in one, as well as adding spiritual benefits for those who are interested in this aspect of Yoga.

Fusion yoga is utilized as part and parcel of many other forms of exercise, and is practiced by athletes worldwide due to the additional benefits the yoga aspect of the workout provides that can be difficult to find in many workout regimens.

Pilates and Yoga

The most common version of fusion yoga is the combination of traditional yoga and Pilates, this particular combination allows for targeted training of specific muscle groups such as the back, abs and overall core muscle groups.

When combined with yoga this allows for stretching throughout the workout, lending an increase in flexibility and decreased recovery times. The similarities between Pilates and Yoga are notable in that both disciplines focus heavily on control over breathing and meditative principles.

Spin and Yoga

This combination is focused heavily on the cardiovascular side of fitness, with the time on the bike causing your heart rate to spike and your muscles to become stressed under the pressure, the yoga element helps with the recovery of muscles as well as allowing for an improved level of flexibility in the workout as a whole.

While flexibility may not seem paramount for a cycle based exercise, the increase in flexibility will allow for more control during this stage of the workout on top of the improved recovery times.

Ballet and Yoga

Another common fusion, ballet is all based around balance and fluidity, so yoga fits in perfectly with a the dance routines found in ballet.

The benefits to the ability to balance and the flexibility improvement make this commonplace among many ballet instructors regimens.

Common Features

Generally speaking most types of fusion yoga involve a warm-up followed by either cardiovascular or strength based training, and then followed by yoga poses often based around balance and flexibility. These workouts usually last between 30 and 60 minutes. Almost all forms of yoga fusion follow this method as it is generally the best length for the workout in terms of meeting specific goals.

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