On your Toes with YogaToes


Just like there is yoga for physical and mental health, there is yoga for the health of the toes. There are forms of yoga that are beneficial for the arches, muscles and ligaments in the feet. YogaToes is a product that can help heal claw, mallet, and hammer toes through lifting and separating the toes with a wearable device made of medical-grade gel.

Do you experience discomfort in toes or suffer from feet problems like Plantar Fasciitis( heel pain), Claw toes (middle/end joints of toes are bent), Hammertoes (middle joints of toes are bent), Bunions (Big toe bends towards other toes causing a bump near base of big toe)?

Yoga Toe Separators are devices that are placed between your toes, which spread and stretch your toes. They improve blood circulation to the feet and provide relaxation to muscles, tendons and ligaments in the feet. Using toe separators is supposed to improve toe flexibility.

Most feet problems like Claw/Hammer toes, Bunions are caused due to wearing shoes that are not comfortable and/or too tight for your feet. A few might be genetic. Yoga Toe separators if do not reverse the damage caused, they provide relief from the pain caused in toes.

Arthritis, Gout, Bone spurs, Morton’s Neuroma, Metatarsalgia are some other feet problems to which Yoga toes provide a relief. The gentle stretching these separators provide uncurls toes back to normal. Un-natural curling of toes like in hammer/claw toes, and pain in heels due to excessive usage of high heels, uric acid in blood stream that leads to gouts – pain in feet affects our day-to-day simple activities and our overall well being.

Starting wearing toe separators for about 15 minutes a day and slowly increasing the duration is supposed to work best rather than sudden usage of toe separators for 1 hour a day which might lead to cramps. It is usually worn during rest than while active. Most people wear then during sleep, watching Television or reading a book.

These are available as traditional silicon gel separators and also as stretcher socks that are worn as regular socks. Choose one that suits you.

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