What is Dahn Yoga


Dahn Yoga is a much more modern type of practice based on Korean elements. The word “Dahn” in Korean means “primal”. Indeed, the exercises are quite unorthodox in comparison to other forms of yoga. In Dahn Yoga, elements of yoga, tai chi and martial arts are used.

Principles of Dahn Yoga

In Dahn Yoga, there exist three unique principles. They are:

“The mastery and use of energy”
“Deepening the body to brain connection”
“Holistic health care”

When practicing Dahn, the class usually begins with various stretching exercises, also known as Meridian Stretching. The purpose of these exercises is to ignite the energy in the body. Following these breathing exercises, practitioners will then partake in sequence of asanas. Meditation is a key component in this practice as well.

The Poses of Dahn Yoga

Dahn Yoga subscribes to the principle of energy flow, and refer to this as “Water Up, Fire Down”. Through this posture, practitioners believe that optimal health is achieved when the cool energy of water moves toward the upper region, the head, and warm energy, or fire energy flows to the stomach region.

Dahn Yoga also practices in core strengthening and drawing energy to the abdomen, as it is a considered a vital part of the body.

Breathing Meditation on Dahn Yoga

Each yoga practice incorporates a specific the of breathing to help and enhance the practice while practicing asanas, Dahn Yoga is no different. In Dahn Yoga the breathing exercise is known as Jung Choong in conjunction with poses. Jung Choong is an exercise which increases strength by forcing the body to maintain various positions. In maintaining certain positions, the belief is that fire energy will ignite in the belly.

In this the of breathing, the lower abdominal muscles and lower back muscles are forced to work harder and gain endurance. This is done by using the floor as resistance as the arms and legs are elevated. These positions lend themselves to deep lower belly breathing.

Beliefs of Dahn Yoga

Followers of the controversial practice believe that by practicing this martial-arts influenced form, one can learn how to reign over the life energy that flows throughout your body. They believe that the simple poses can loosen the tension and unblock any clogging in the energy flow. Releasing vitality, a primal nature is paramount to practitioners of Dahn Yoga. And through this, one will have the power, concentration and vitality to lead a successful life.

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