Supplements For A Healthier YOU


Research and advances in the medical field has enabled us to live a longer life.  The medical industry has done well over the years finding treatment options for the various ailments that afflict humanity.  The human life span has vastly improved over the last 100 year ever since the discovery of penicillin. These advancements have empowered us explore and enjoy more things in life than we would have if our life was cut short due lack of treatment options.

However, the safety net bestowed on us has lulled us into a state of complacency regarding taking care of our health. For example, if we catch an infection, we know for sure that taking antibiotics will cure us.  In addition, our hectic, fast paced but sedentary life style, one that encourages poor diet, has caused more harm than good in terms of health. We suffer from more diseases and chronic ailments than ever before which is a direct result of our lifestyle.

Exercise, yoga and meditation and a nutritious diet helps us stay healthy for longer periods.  But other factor such over use of chemicals, pollution, day to day work related stress etc, bring on unexpected chronic ailments, because they compromise our immune system.  Long term use of strong drugs is not sustainable because eventually the drugs weaken other organs leading to other undesirable consequences.

What can we do to make sure that we get the essential vitamins and minerals in additional to what we get through food? Doctors are also hesitant to administer  strong drugs which could potentially cause other side effect after prolonged use. So they are turning to supplements in situations where the disease is still in a stage where healthy diet, exercise and supplements can bring it under control.

Whether we suffering from ailments or not, it behooves us to take supplement as a preventive. Below is a list of supplements that are good to have in the medicine cabinet.

1) Curcumin is a naturally-occurring substance found in the spice turmeric.  It has been found to help with pain and inflammation.  It also has antidepressant qualities.  Taking curcumin on a regular basis can reduce inflammation ( a common cause of many autoimmune disorders) and bring down depression.

2) Vitamin D helps with relieving fatigue, improves immunity, reduces depression and joint/muscle aches and pain. These conditions can be triggered by lack of Vitamin D in the body. People staying in temperate climates where the nights are longer and days shorter, should take Vitamin D, which the body does not produce unless exposed to sunlight.

3) Omega 3 supports healthy cardiovascular system function, healthy skin,  maintains good eyesight,  reduces depression and helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels already within the normal range.

4) Vitamin C has strong antioxidants which strength the body’s natural defenses, lowers  the risk of stroke, improves iron absorption and reduces recovery period of colds.

5) Zinc is a good supplement that staves off infection and keeps the immune system strong.

6) Chromium is must have for those with diabetes.  It is effective at improving the body’s response to insulin and lowering blood sugar levels.

7) Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that can lower risk of heart disease and certain cancers, improve thyroid health, boost the immune system  and may also help reduce asthma.

This is just a short list.  If you are taking vitamin supplements that has all of the above in good quantities, then you are taking proactive measures to stay healthy provided you are also on a healthy diet and exercise plan.  Remember there is no substitute for healthy diet and exercise.  Supplements are additional ways to ensure that your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs that is not adequately absorbed through food.

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