How to Stop Being Needy in a Relationship


Even the happiest and healthiest relationships are hard work. We all have issues and trying to deal with your issues and insecurities in a relationship is not always easy. being needy in a relationship is not ideal, because it causes you to lose a part of your true self along the way. You act in a way that is not authentic to who you really are simply because you want attention and admiration from someone else. Needy people in a relationship crave attention in a way that is not healthy. This means that i you notice signs of needy behavior in yourself, you need to follow these steps to change.

Admit It

The first thing that needs to happen if you want to be less needy is that you need to admit that you are in fact clingy and needy. This can be a difficult conclusion to come to, but it is something that needs to happen if you want to be able to move forward. You don’t want to be needy and your partner does not want you to be needy, so you need to admit that you have an issue so that you can have a chance to move forward.


You need to be on the lookout for signs that your body is giving you that allude to your neediness. This might be signals like feelings of anxiousness or frustration. If you find yourself upset when your partner is out with his friends, this is an indicator that you are too needy. Your body is giving you signs that you need to pay attention to. When you notice these feelings, you need to try to think positive and change your behavior. Instead of stalking your partner where they are, you need to relax and trust that they are being honest about where they are and what they are doing.

Give What You Get

If you do not want to come off like you are being too needy, you need to only give what you get back. This means that if your partner only texts you once a day, you should not be bombarding them with 5 texts an hour. You need to be even with the amount of attention and affection that you are receiving. This is the only way that you can be sure that you are not the one in the relationship that is too clingy.

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