Spiritual Awareness for the Keen


As human beings, we have many dimensions to our existence. Most of us go through the day satisfied with our physical and mental capabilities that get manifested in a variety of day to day living situations. But the question is – is that all there is to who we really are? Some of us have metaphysical experiences but few dare to explore it further, because exploring the metaphysical or mystical without an experienced teacher can cause confusion and frustration.  However, ignoring the reality of who we are renders us to meager ways of existing limited to sleeping, eating and reproducing.  Our potential as human beings is limitless and it is only when we become of aware of ourselves as spiritual beings that we truly walk the path on which we are meant to be.

What is spiritual awareness? Spiritual awareness should not be confused with being religious.  Spiritual awareness can be attained regardless of any religious affiliations or devotional practices. Spiritual awareness means becoming aware that there is a another dimension to our life that takes us from feeling like an individual entity to being a cosmic entity.  It is about recognizing that all things spring from the same source and everything in nature is connected and we are not separate entities.  People who have established this connection see life from a different perspective. People with a highly evolved sense of spiritual awareness are less prone to depression, addiction, manipulation and control and have an intimate understanding of what it means to be truly happy and joyful.  Feelings of happiness, joy and compassion for everyone and everything are not stimulated by desire of gaining something in return.  People who are in this state tend to work for the betterment of all beings that are suffering because they feel the oneness. They are also highly empowered and fearless and engaged in activities that normal people don’t usually take up.

How to enhance the spiritual awareness? Meditation and yoga are tools that can heighten one’s spiritual awareness. Both these practices are known to get rid of fear, change negative thought patterns to clear the mind, remove blocks to purify the body, eventually bringing a sense of peace, calm, inner reflection and understanding.

Participating in spiritual retreats can help enhance this awareness. Spiritual retreats have activities that are geared for this purpose. Weekend retreats are usually ideal because one can experience quality “alone” time without having to think of the mundane things around work, chores and families that we are normally immersed in. Spiritual retreats have among other activities long and relaxed walks in nature, mud baths, special diets that open up the spiritual part of our nature. It can be an invigorating experience.

Being in restful states acquired either through good sleep habits or meditation is important for spiritual awareness to sprout.  Being restful means one is calm, focused and alert to what is happening within and without. It gives the ability to exercise better control over one’s mind, because we become what we think. Having the right type of thought and intent allows one to construct the reality they wish for themselves.

Spending time in nature sharpens the spiritual awareness. We are as much a part of nature as it is part of us.  Spending time in nature and observing it gives an understanding of why things are the way they are and in turn enhances our insight about our own self.  Living in harmony with nature strengthens our connection with it and grows our spiritual awareness.

Laughing more often is another key to opening the door to spiritual awareness.  Laughter is an important part of a healthy body and mind. Laughter is contagious.. When you laugh, people around you will generally feel better, and pretty soon everyone will be happier and more spiritually connected.

Finally it is important to feel contentment and fulfillment within yourself and to create your own happiness instead of relying on other people or things to make you feel complete or worthy.  Accepting and cherishing yourself will build that bridge to your inner self.  Living life fully and exuberantly is nothing but living in spiritual awareness, because there is no other way to be.

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