Questions to Myself in Challenging Times


What if I accept all of this adversity with humility and gratitude?  What would I learn if I opened my perspective beyond my self-serving ego and expanded my awareness beyond my own anxiety and worries?  What if there is more to life than my personal survival agenda?

I don’t remember a time when I spent so much time at home.  Now this opportunity has come, if I choose to see it that way.  What can I do with all of this time?  Can I connect more deeply with those I live with, and much more importantly, can I connect more deeply with myself?

Why is it that I can’t sit still, with myself, without boredom or distraction?  When I sit silently, why does my mind race?  To distract myself from that noise, I grab my phone and feed myself even more noise.  If I can’t be with myself, and be in love with the spirit that I am, how can I expect others to love me, and to be with me?

I’m on a break from my everyday reality.  I need to fill that time with something truly meaningful, to reset myself.  When will I get a chance like this?  I can’t waste this opportunity.  I need to find my inner stillness, I know it’s there, sometimes I get a glimpse of it, but I usually suffocate it with all kinds of distractions.  I need to use this time to go within because I know that’s where my true happiness and inner bliss is.  I need to find my silent, still center and learn to reside there.

My brain is like a constant thought machine – how can I calm it down?  I know it’s possible, it’s definitely possible.  I wish I could see the stars at night, because when I stare up into that night sky, I’m so calm, and I know I’m something vaster than this constant thought machine.

Come to think of it, why do I define myself as a series of labels, identifications, possessions, relations, afflictions, attributes, characteristics, beliefs, associations, stories, memories, race, or even gender?  Why do I use these things to separate myself from everyone else?  Am I not something much much more fundamental than a character in a life script?

Why is it that if I have the courage to let all my guards down, open and vulnerable, and look deeply into someone else’s eyes for a long time, I see myself?

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