How to Spice Up Long Distance Relationships


Relationships are never easy, but when you add distance and space into the mix,things can get even more difficult. No matter what the reason is behind your long distance relationship or how long the distance Will last, you need to work extra hard to keep the relationship strong and solid. Over time it is easy for long distance relationships to get stale, but you Candice things up. Here are a few of the best ways that you can spice up your long distance relationship.


You might not be able to see one another every day due to the distance, but you can talk. Communication is the thing that you need above all else when you are in a long distance relationship. This means that you need to make an effort to talk as much as possible. You might text throughout the day and then talk on the phone each night. With technology, you even have the ability to see one another when you are talking on the phone or computer. This means that you just need to keep the lines of communication open at all times. Make sure that you have some type of schedule in place and that you are talking enough to meet the needs of both partners. Every relationship is different, but you need to be talking.

Keep it Light

You also need to be sure that even though you are in a long distance relationship that you are not always dwelling on the distance. It can be hard not seeing the other person all of the time, but your entire relationship can not center around how much you miss each other. This means that when you talk and communicate, there needs to be more to your conversations than how much you miss each other. Talk about things that you have in common and keep things light and fun. This will add more spice and not make your relationship so depressing and heavy.

Never Fight Over Text

You need to be conscience of the other person’s feelings, which means that it is never fair to fight over text. This is not way to handle the tough conversations. You need to talk things out even if you can’t do it in person, you have the ability talk things out over the phone. You should use texting for something lighter like setting to keep things hot and spicy.

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