Special “earphones”- Tune into your “Mantra”


Wake up in the morning –  What station do you want to tune into? Put your ear phones to zoom into your favorite zone. Eureka- what a genius way to shut out the outside noise and swing to your very own personal rhythm. The best part is you can switch from rap to instrumental to classical to hip hop or a podcast speaker. But, life is never a perfect song as the ear phones come with one imperfection a limited battery life. While we are jiving to this melody piece, our ballad gets rudely interrupted with the cacophony in our homes – all the family members are together in the same house. Welcome to the “work from home” lifestyle – trying to do office work in a family environment, or clinching deadlines without any distractions or simply looking for “me” time.

Necessity is the mother of invention! How to save your personal space which has been invaded by the babel of commotion of your near and dear ones. The powerful science of ancient times comes to the rescue.  Here we can create a chant, a tune or a hymn. Choose a mantra that appeals to your persona and recite it daily with a sincere heart so much so it becomes an intrinsic part of you. This Mantra is so intertwined in your being, that it resonates within your system all the time. Age old  principle of repetition will do the trick to achieve progress in this endeavor. You are no longer a slave to a music device with limitations. On the contrary, you have successfully tapped into an intelligent device which needs no battery or charging!

Whatever be the reason for the deafening racket or quarrel or blatant loudmouths in your surroundings, our own mantra seems to ring louder in our ears, mind and soul. The rhythmic beat is embedded within us to keep us grounded in any pandemonium or a simple argument. It reminds us that we should not get dragged into this external noise, lest we lose our own rhythm in life. We have to be cautious, so that we do not forget to show compassion for the family around us while striking a balance, without getting swept into the noisy bickering and squabbles. This allows us to respond and not to overreact to volatile situations created due to close proximity, of everyone being at home in the current scenario of social distancing. Our spouses and children will see us breeze through disagreements with a smile as the background chant in your head aids you to be in harmony and respond with a warmhearted smile.

Nature teaches us an important lesson. Just look around and see that Nature is always working with an innate rhythm. Once, we also discover our deep-seated intelligence, we connect to an intrinsic pattern in the form of a vibration, syncing our bodies and minds as one unit.

If we pause and sit down we can tune into the Universal flow and movement. If we can be still and  silent enough, the vibration we create in our soul will synchronize with the movement in the Universe. So stay at home is the “pause” opportunity for us to travel inward and find our very own exclusive “Mantra”.

Aha moment has come; nobody can usurp our personal space! Our silent humming of mantra or chant enables us to create a perpetual arena for ourselves, to stay peaceful in the clamor. Welcome to your special “ earphones”. Connect to them.

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