Music for your Chakras


Have you ever wondered why music has played such an important role in all human societies?  No matter what historical era, or what part of the world, or what culture you look at, music is prevalent.  Why is this?  At its core, music is vibration–energy frequencies.  Now synthesize that fact with String Theory, from Physics, which postulates that everything is made up of tiny vibrating strings.  The whole of existence is a reverberation of energy.

Yogic science has known this for millennia, calling sound as the origin of all of existence.  The Bible also says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  One can easily equate the Word and sound, or the first vibration of creation.  Just as we only see a tiny spectrum of light with our human eyes, similarly, our ears are only capable of hearing a tiny fraction of the vibrations in the universe.  As you know, today we have astronomical instruments that listen to the cosmos (

Music is the refined arrangement of sound.  In fact, so are mantras.  Since ultimately, we are energy, and since we only experience existence within ourselves (in other words, every experience only appears within your inner awareness and nowhere else) vibrational energy can be used to enhance our perceptions.  The body is made up of five sheaths or layers, of which Pranamaya kosha is very significant.  The body’s system of chakras is part of this layer, 108 in number within the physical body.  These are split in half on each side of the body, Ida and Pingala.  The Sanskrit language which is made up of 54 sounds is based on this notion, which when multiplied by 2 (feminine and masculine) equals the 108 nadis.  In other words each sound in the language corresponds with a nadi.  Ancient Indian music evolved out of this understanding.  The music is created in such a way as to touch or activate these 108 chakras in the body.

So, we can see that music is not there just for entertainment.  Originally, Indian classical music was meant as a vehicle for the evolution of human consciousness.  In order for this to happen though, it is essential to have the right music, and just as essential, to bring that into 100% pure awareness.  No mental activity, but stillness in the sound… merging with the sounds… absolute oneness, and in resonance.  This is Nada Yoga.

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