The Sense Behind Spiritual Cleansing


Life is a mixed bag of experiences.  On the journey of life we go through innumerable pleasant and unpleasant situations, all of which stay within our body, mind, emotion and energy.  The uplifting experiences make us happy, joyful and energetic.  The unpleasant experiences drag us down and tend to stick with us like tar, which impacts our moods and how we interact with the world.  These experiences are like a pendulum swinging us wildly, over which we seem to have little control.  Is there a solution to this? Yes there is. Just like we wash our clothes and dishes to take the dirt and grime off, so also our body and energies need cleansing.  This is also called spiritual cleansing.

What is spiritual cleansing? It is a type of cleansing to cure the energetic cause of any problem that is taking shape in our life. Everything – animate and inanimate – is made up of energy. That includes our thought and emotion.  Energy is not bound by a container. It is everywhere.  Even though we think we are encased in our body, which we can see and touch, everything within our body is interacting with the energy space, something we are not conscious of.  Our thought and emotion are also energy and have impact on everything around us.  Essentially all thought and emotions are transacting in the energy space without our consciously realizing it.  For example – we are impacted in different ways by being around people, things and space. Sometime it is a positive impact and sometimes negative. If it is negative it can remain in our energy field, and can adversely affect us.

From this we can sort of deduce that everything is energy. Our state of health, life situations and experiences are brought about by the quality of the energy we carry.  It is said that energy is like a currency which we invest in and make whatever we wish to happen in our life.  Once we begin to understand this, we can consciously manifest life the way we want!

Most of us go through our day with little awareness of our thoughts and corresponding emotions. If we run into a negative interaction with someone, we let that incident play itself over and over again in our minds which causes oodles of energy muck to accumulate in our energies. Each time this happens, we are perpetuating the negative accumulation. Finally this starts impacting our life in the form of health issues, relationship problems, life situations turning out badly etc.

That is why spiritual cleansing is needed to clean our energy of all the negative patterns that have collected. The process of spiritual cleansing is simple and can be done by anyone regardless of age, gender or belief. Below are a few guidelines and steps for spiritual cleansing.

1) Writing is a fantastic release exercise. Think of all the negative emotions that you have been experiencing. Write it down and burn the paper in a safe place so as not to start a fire.  This helps wash out the pent up negativity in the system.

2) Water is a wonderful cleanser and has been used for thousands of years for this purpose.  72% of our body is made up of water.  Water has its memory and can hold a specific pattern of intentions.  Bathing in a tub of water filled with good intention helps tune your vibration to that of the water.  Salt is a mineral that can generate positive vibration. Adding epsom salt to the bath water enhances the vibration.  Soak in this energized water for 10 – 15 minutes and powerfully visualize your energy being cleansed and charged with soft golden light.  Uttering a chant or affirmation amplifies the effect.

3) Drinking water out of a copper container generates positive vibration. Copper is a great conductor of vibration and has been used in spiritual practices in India since the ancient times. Each time you fill the copper container with water,  bless, thank, appreciate and love water. The copper container holds that charge in the water. While drinking this water, drink it with awareness and the same intent that you had while filling it up.  Doing it each time makes a huge difference in your energy make up.

4) Fire is also a very powerful cleanser.  If lighting a fire is practical in the area that you live in then follow this process. Light a fire with an organic substance like straw or firewood, without any oil, and stand facing the fire with open hands and eyes for three minutes.  Repeat this with your back, exposing your spine to the fire.  If this is not feasible, light a lamp with vegetable oil or clarified butter (Indian ghee) and sit facing the lamp, then turn around so your back is facing the lamp. Fire wash process brings a new sense of resurgence in the system.

5) Sage is another way to cleanse your energies.  Native Americans were known to use sage for this purpose. Take a bundle of sage and light it.  Blow the flame out letting the leaves smolder. Let the smoke envelope your body and stay in that smoke infused  space for a few minutes.  This will help freshen your system.

6) Infusing your living space by lighting an oil lamp, smudging it with sage, charges and livens up the space.

Cleaning your energies on a regular basis enhances your life. As everything is energy a spiritual cleansing helps tune your thought, emotion and energy with the larger cosmic energy making your life buoyant, sparkling and radiant.

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