“Save the Earth” – Become a “Hero”


Crowds thronged at the movie theatre to watch this film marketed for months by the producers. It was a box office hit, as every little detail was in sync – script, dialogue, editing, cinematography, direction, pace, structure etc. There was a natural flow of all elements in a perfect rhythm culminating into a creative visual for the audience. Each department in the studio was working with a common goal of creating a masterpiece, rising above their petty selfish desires. This interrelated weave allowed a subtle link to be organized in the most extraordinary way we mortals cannot even fathom!

Now let’s use this analogy and consciously look around us. We observe Nature executing this interdependence with such great finesse. The earth’s ecosystem works in a way to support the tiniest of creature or organism. All the animals and plant life keep the natural system in balance, to sustain this magical movie called “Nature”, working unselfishly to keep this movie running flawlessly every day.

Unfortunately we human species have become the villains in this “movie” called Nature. As the human footprint increases on this Earth, we continue to use all the natural resources with our selfish motives. Food, water and clean air are the most important natural resources used by humans. Time has come to realize that we need to change our role and become “Hero’s” in this production. We need to take responsibility so the natural resources do not get depleted.

Every little action counts, as we become aware of the deep interconnectedness humans share with nature. There so many environmental campaigns which are teaching us our obligations to give back to our habitat and surroundings we live in.

Charity starts at home. So let’s start making a few changes in our daily lives. Plastic is known to create havoc and is extremely toxic for the environment. Reduce the use of plastic bags. Carry cloth bags to grocery stores. Use recyclable plastic if there is no choice. Don’t buy plastic water bottle, use metal bottles. This list is endless, so everyone in the family can contribute to this activity of reducing plastic waste.

Segregating the waste and trash collected in the house is also very easy. Composting all the waste is a very simple and effective way to reduce the tons of trash being collected in each community. Compost enriches the soil and gives the plant an optimum environment to grow and thrive. This is an organic process, where we humans get a chance to repay our debts instantly.

We can teach all family members especially children to save energy at home. Switching off lights after we leave a room, unplugging appliances which are not being used, being mindful of the amount of water we use by shortening long showers, air drying the clothes on a clothesline instead of using a machine dryer, investing in energy efficient light bulbs and appliances etc saves energy.

As each family member plays their part consciously to give back to the environment, this interdependence creates a beautiful successful movie where everyone has contributed in a responsible fashion, an evergreen bond is generated at the fundamental level.

Discover how we all our actions are interwoven and have an essential role to play in this existence. Become a hero in your OWN home and create the box office hit movie called “ Save the Earth”


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