How to Restore Intimacy in a Relationship


There are plenty of “dead bedrooms” out there, and probably a lot more than you would have thought there were. Most of us were brought up with the Disney idea of romance – that people started off with a red-hot spark, kept that fire burning against all odds, and continued to keep everything rocking and rolling as they lived happily ever after without any real effort needing to be put along the way.

Unfortunately, this is exactly why so many people go to unhappy in their relationships and why so many people struggle to learn how to restore intimacy in a relationship that they aren’t even sure of how it got to where it is right now.

Figure Out Where Things Went Sideways

The most important thing that you and your partner can do to figure out how to restore intimacy in a relationship is to learn where, when, and why things started to slip and go sideways.

A lot of people are under the impression that their romantic partner just isn’t as attracted to them as they were in the beginning, but the truth of the matter is that daily stress, pressure, and anxiety – as well as the normalization of your “daily routine” can snuff out a spark faster than anyone could have anticipated. Really get your finger on this hot button and the rest kind of flies on autopilot!

Focus On Reconnecting Emotionally With The Person You Love

Figuring out how to restore intimacy in a relationship is very much a two-way street and you aren’t going to be able to pull this off alone. At the same time, there may be resentment built up, anger built up, and frustration that you have to navigate – and getting right to the physical stuff probably isn’t the smoothest or smartest way to rekindle your relationship.

Going the logical route isn’t really going to work, either. You can beat someone over the head with logic and facts, but if you go in that direction your chances of seducing them go down pretty significantly.

When you need to do is really reconnect emotionally, rekindle those fun and flirty feelings you had in the early days, and then build those fires until they are a furnace again. Once you get that emotional reconnection back together you’re going to find that the intimacy kind of results itself on its own, and then you are really rocking and rolling!

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