Precision in Yoga


Have you noticed that the highest quality output requires absolute precision?  Whether in manufacturing, or engineering, or programming… to achieve the most efficient and near-perfect design, precision is critical.  Where there is no focus on precision, the quality of the product diminishes greatly.  It comes up again and again in quality control lingo.

Why should it be any different with our bodies?  Afterall, this is an instrument that is built by, and for, channeling energy.  If our body (and mind) is entangled in all kinds of baggage from conditioning and self-narrative, then the energy is going to manifest differently than if we are purer of this chaos.

We always have to start from where we are at.  The mind is more difficult to focus, so we meditate.  The body also wavers, so we bring precision to our hatha yoga practice.  If we can learn to infuse precision into our yoga at least, to begin with, then it can slowly infiltrate other areas of our life.  Ultimately it appears as perfect, elegant movement in all things, with no wasted energy.  It’s rare, but perhaps you’ve seen someone like that, where no action is out of place, and they look so effortless.

To bring precision takes a lot of practice and effort.  It begins with voluntary movements, then involuntary aspects, then over the energy, then over intelligence, thoughts, emotions.  It’s about consciously attending to whatever we are doing, with absolute and precise focus.  With that, there’s no concern over being in the present moment, it just happens.  There’s no other way for it to happen.  If there is focus on precision right here, there’s nothing but presence.

If you look at a professional in sports, what did it take for them to operate at that level?  Precision, practice, and conscious awareness and control over their craft.  If you want to be a master of your system, it takes the same dedication and awareness, and with that comes less limitation and more freedom and more capability.

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