An Exuberant Life


People are always looking for a purpose to their lives, chasing an external mechanism to find fulfillment.  It’s natural to seek meaning, but our minds normalize experience.  We know this from everyday life – the novelty wears off.  After a while, that new job, the new charity, the new spiritual practice, they all become the new norm and lose their luster.

Living life to the fullest is an internal process, not an external “adding to.”  No supplemental activity can bring lasting life joy because those are rooted in a narrative sense of self.  Not even picking up a new spiritual practice or doing yoga can enliven us for long, without that deepfelt connection to the inner awareness to life unfolding.

So, the question is, how to get in touch with that dimension?  Single-minded devotion is one way, where only your object of devotion exists for you.  Dedicated sadhana retreats are another way, where you move to the natural impulses of the ashram without self-reflexive thoughts and conditioning running the show.  A third way is intensity of practice with no intentions about what you’ll get out of it – in other words, not seeing life as a transaction but with a sense of an offering.

Fundamentally, we need to shift the perspective from trying to add to our life, to an abiding realization that we are life.  These things we chase after are accessories to life.  For the realized, even the mind and body are accessories, but life is the underlying primary process that is spontaneously unfolding.  The rest are just forms by which it manifests.  If we can get in touch with that, then life becomes limitless.

A measure of this is how comfortably we can take something up, and just as easily let it go.  The moment we become entangled in anything, that’s when we’ve lost touch with life simply unfolding.  That goes for family, wealth, power, associations, whatever.  It might feel like these things are empowering, but in fact they are limiting because they take way from our degrees of freedom.  They are binding and by holding on, we are denying the infinite potential of life’s expressions to manifest in our lives.

Interviews with deeply awakened people reveal that they see no outer distinctions, and life is a timeless, spontaneous unfoldment.  This effortless living brings boundless energy and limitless expression, that is an exuberant life.

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