Neck Exercises For Pain Relief


In this web surfing society, neck and shoulder problems have become common place. While using the computer or other electronics, we becomes so engrossed in it, that we lose awareness of our posture.  The height of the desk and the chair that we use to sit also makes a big difference to the posture. For the most part our shoulders are hunched up, and neck is slightly protruding outward while looking at the computer.  The longer we sit in bad posture the more tightness and tension we feel in the neck and shoulder area.

The neck area is very sensitive, as it is a sort of junction point where all the neurons meet and branch out. The more blocks and tension in that area, the less blood that flows to the brain bringing early brain fatigue effecting our concentration and focus.  Performing gentle neck stretching can help relieve the pain and improve posture, while also improving our ability to focus and concentrate. Simple neck exercises also prevent neck and shoulder pain from turning into a chronic condition.

Incorporating neck and shoulder exercises in our daily routine enhances brain function and health.  It also helps keep that area fluid, which improves the overall blood flow to the brain.  For an organ that is the size of a human fist, it consumes 20% of the energy just to function normally, so caring for the neck and shoulder helps the body to use the energy in an efficient manner.

Whether or not you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, you should try these neck exercises and your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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