Mission Impossible – Make it Happen


It was the perfect Plot. Each person had carefully rehearsed their part. They had recapitulated the drill in their heads, countless times. As a team they reenacted the entire sequence, discussing random scenarios that may disrupt the operation. At every step, there were plans – plan A, plan B, plan C. The team leader would lead the change of plan, in case of any unexpected change of events. Yet, the mission failed by overlooking a vital component in the training regimen- disciplining the mind to control a flurry of agitated or flustered thoughts and emotions.

This is a problem we encounter in our everyday lives where we  allow our thoughts and emotions to mess up our mind. Our sincere plan of creating joy and bliss for ourselves, evaporates into thin air. The approach and attitude towards any situation in our life can determine the success or failure of plans for “Ourselves”.

A perfect family vacation to the best resort in a paradise location can turn into a nightmare within seconds. Affectionate family get togethers in the midst of fun and laughter suddenly take an ugly turn soiling celebrations by age old grudges. A fun activity atmosphere switches into sour mood by a single vicious comment, fueling aggressive and heated discussions. Last but not the least the silent treatment to our friends and family can create extreme venom with maliciousness – aborting Project – harmonious relationships or friendships.

The plan can as simple as getting out of bed or a bit more complicated – a peaceful relationship with your kids or spouse or trying to be a balanced executive in a highly  stressful corporate environment. Hence, a question pops up- how did we jeopardize operation peace and happiness?

The plot was perfect but it was foiled by our inability to control our reactions due to emotional insecurities and negativities generated by us. We need to address these grievances within us and resolve it. Suppressing our resentment or exploding into a verbal volatile torrent, are time tested methods which contribute to annihilate any joyful “event”  in our lives.

Charity starts at home! Before we strive to make our mission to Mars a success, let’s explore a project closer to home. The mission of reducing stress, anxiety with an increase in peace and harmony, bubbling with exuberance and enthusiasm every moment. Give it any name: Mission contentment, Project Euphoria or Operation Well-Being!

So go over the draft once again with a new perspective. Make checklist for yourself :-

You are responsible for everything that is happening in the current mission.

Bring positive energy to this “project” without looking for a scapegoat.

You are not a victim here. Use this current situation as an opportunity to enhance your own experience of Life.  Consider it as a blessing in disguise.

Observe all the emotions arising within you, without reacting to it. This will enable you to dwell on the source of conflict. Watch the thought, to gain an insight into your own weaknesses, strengths, ambitions and desires.

Mental chatter, negative thoughts which were obstacles in operation Joy and Happiness, will be replaced by a strong serene and tranquil mind, once you tap into the intelligence within you. You can use every aspect in the Mission Impossible as a stepping stone culminating into a “Successful Mission”. Watch the operation unroll without any mental hindrances and make it happen.

Yes. Its “Possible”



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