Perfect Timing


Living in the present is a big tag line these days.  After all the books and articles, all the interviews and the YouTube videos, what does it all mean.  Why can’t we seem to just be here, now?

The reason is that we look at this as a concept, and then we try to grasp it with our minds.  That’s how we’re conditioned from childhood – to conceptualize the abstract, and contract impressions into bite size mental models.  We try to “wrap out heads around” things.  That’s why waking up to the ever-present moment often comes as a sudden shock that stops the mind in its tracks, and suddenly there is clarity… at least momentarily, until the mind engine starts up again.

The mind cannot grasp Oneness, or Awareness.  The mind can only grasp an object, something “other.”  But in Awareness there is no other, no subject/object relationship, no duality.  There also is no time, everything is simply now.  Oneness is now.

This Awareness hides in plain sight and appears as everything.  Non-duality flowers into the multiplicity of existence – this is the play of Shiva and Shakti in the Hindu tradition.  In other cultures, this Awareness has been anthropomorphized and labeled as God.  But the awakened ones throughout history have told us that we are indeed Divine.  You’ve heard it said that we are not human beings having a divine experience, but the Divine having a human experience.  Sometimes this is apparent to us in moments of silence, and stillness, when the mind is as calm as a lake without ripples, and when that which lies beneath the water is plainly seen.

In those moments, the moments themselves dissolve, and we only experience the timeless now.  We are reminded that everything that exists can only exist right now.  And now is effortless and simply arises.  As the contemporary Indian sage Sadhguru says, “what there is right now is all there is, it could not be any other way.”  The revelation for us is this:  Awareness unfolds in its perfect way, in perfect timing, in every moment.

When we live in the mind, we live in the duality of time, of place.  We suffer our past, and grasp for the future.  We divide, separate, assign identities, and label likes and dislikes.  But just as existence is always exuberantly celebrating itself, so can we.  As Thomas Razzeto puts it, “Just live your life and follow your bliss in a wholesome, unselfish way with unconditional love for everyone and without fear of what will unfold.”

Live in the moment setting the ego aside, stop all the mental striving and down talking to yourself.  Rest in awareness of the flow, the Tao, that always unfolds in perfect timing.

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