How to Breathe in Yoga


Proper breathing is key in making yoga exercises work, which is also one of the important aspects of this exercise routine. Basically, it can regulate your emotions, state of mind, and concentration, including many other things.

Moreover, breathing the daily emotional state of the body, including the stress level, and sleeping patterns. If a person can achieve the right way of breathing, he or she can be a lot healthier, calmer, and should give everyone the ability to manage stressful life conditions.

The proper execution should involve pushing the abdomen out when inhaling. Just allow the abdomen to naturally come back in during exhalation. Here are a few steps that you can mimic in order to achieve proper breathing in yoga.

Take note that the main membrane that should separate the stomach from the lungs is the diaphragm. The moment air is breathed in, the lungs will be filled up with air as it pushes the diaphragm down. Thus, it will make the abdomen protrude during inhalation, while it retreats automatically during exhalation.

1. Breathe Correctly

In order to breathe correctly, you need to divide the breath into the lower and middle abdomen, and the chest.

2. Filling Up the Diaphragm with Air

During inhalation, it is always proper to fill the lower abdomen first, then the middle abdomen, and lastly the chest. Meanwhile, when you exhale, the air goes out from the chest, then the middle and the lower abdomen.

3. Improper Way of Breathing

The pressures of the society have enabled breathing procedures to be done incorrectly. According to studies, around 40% of the population breathes incorrectly. Thus, it has definite negative consequences which could develop diseases in the future. The moment you can breathe the right way consciously by pushing the abdomen out when inhaling, your body will eventually pick up the rhythm.

4. Meditative State of Breathing

One of the functions of the human brain is to follow the breath. If you can breathe from 1 to 4 times in a minute, you will achieve a meditative state. This is because breathing is not only based on the ability to breathe in or out. It is about doing it long and deeply. You should do this by breathing very slowly with the full capacity of the lungs and exhaling completely.

5. Building the Capacity of the Lungs

Proper breathing can be achieved in a gradual rate. Eventually, the capacity of the lungs will enable it to expand. As a result, it can make the mind calmer and more balanced.

The moment you master breathing, the magic will begin to happen. This is because there is a natural urge of the body to immediately inhale after exhaling. If you could calm down this natural tendency, you should be able to reach a high level of consciousness.

If you think that you need help doing the proper yoga breathing, you should ask your yoga trainer to help you out. Sometimes, exercise routines such as yoga can be very challenging to fulfill. As a matter of fact, most people often give up exercises due to the lack of knowledge in performing a particular routine.

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