What is Dynamic Flow Yoga


When you think of Yoga, you think of slow gentle movements, meditating and connecting the body with the mind. Soft music plays in the background, maybe waterfalls or just pan pipes. Not all Yoga is like that though and there are several types. Including Dynamic Flow Yoga.

What is Dynamic Flow Yoga?

Basically it is a style of Vinyasa yoga (Vinyasa means flow) but a modern twist means it is a more athletic style. It’s designed to provide more of a workout and does this by each pose flowing into the next. So there are less pauses and rests between poses meaning the movements are more energetic.

What to Expect

Expect to get hot under the collar and sweat, for a start. You will be familiar with the poses so learning new movements shouldn’t be a problem but the energy and pace will be different. There will be a combination of still poses, dynamic movements, relaxation and breathing exercises.

Anyone can do it, from the most inexperienced beginner to the expert and either will find it fun and focusing.

Benefits for Outside Users

The main group of people who will use this style will be Yogis who already practice yoga and know the forms. However, there has been a lot of suggestion from existing groups that people who are recovering from injuries can benefit from this type of yoga due to the combination of styles. You can control the intensity of the ‘workout’ so it can benefit a range of people.


  • Increase Stamina.
  • Strengthen your core and muscles.
  • Provide a light cardio workout.
  • Help your confidence grow.
  • You will leave feeling energized, relaxed and focused to compete with the challenges of the day.
  • Help realign posture and maintain good general posture.
  • Good for the metabolism.
  • An added bonus, it can aid weight loss.
  • Improve flexibility.
  • Help you relax.
  • Its fun!

In fact there are a number of benefits, you may also find yourself enjoying these sessions more than your regular Yoga sessions. If you are a Yogi that likes energetic positive types of yoga, you will like this and will be impressed by the after effects it has for you.

Dynamic Flow Yoga is called a number of different names, you may know it as flow yoga for example but don’t be put off my it’s athletic style, you can make this style into whatever you need it to be for you.

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