Diversified Investment Portfolio: “Returns” of “MySelf” stock


The stock market was volatile. There was a pandemonium and uproar in the market. The market sentiment was sending messages of skepticism and confusion. Uncertainty seemed to dominate the mood everywhere. As uneasiness continued to prevail, stock prices start hitting rock bottom

In this distrustful scenario Sahil knew that the stock market will crash. But for some reason, Sahil was neither anxious nor concerned. He had a diversified portfolio – a strategy used by a lot of investors. But is that really a fool proof plan? Can an investor keep his calm with a diversified portfolio? Not really! There are different schools of thoughts on the pros and cons of diversification, as it sometimes hurts investment performance. So clearly there are no guarantees for any strategy.

Sahil obviously had a magic recipe that kept him joyful in these stressful times. On taking a closer look at his approach, one strives to comprehend his secret. The main asset he invested in was “his own Self”. He had literally diversified his portfolio professionally and personally. As an investment adviser he followed the market and developed his strategy. Concurrently, he pursued a spiritual path for his personal growth. Sahil was savvy enough to know the value of diversification in his personal life. He “invested” some time to understand the true meaning of life and raise his perception and  consciousness, the most important asset in his life. So during these aggravating times, his undisturbed mind was a “return” on this investment.

Once on the spiritual path, one learns about the impermanence of everything in life. One is able to understand the cyclical nature of Life, where hardships and happiness are an integral part of our journey. Hence, it changes our perspective and teaches us to respond rather than react. A huge loss in the money market is taken with a stride as one is able to watch this chaos with tranquility, yet being able to respond with dignity and grace.

No other than the stock market can demonstrate this concept. As no strategy is right or wrong, the same stock can give investors high returns and suddenly crash turning them into paupers. People who are established within themselves, bow with humility and a sense of awe  for the Creation are able to respond as needed. Their “investment” has been in yoga, meditation and various other tools that enable them to go “inward”. They live in the material world, but acknowledge the wisdom of not getting entangled with it. Thus, at times of crisis they don’t sink into to despair or desolation.

Sahil is aware that this “personal” long term investment will reap immense returns to keep him joyful, blissful and contented.

So even when the stock market is volatile, our mind need not get volatile. To avoid this explosive situation, lets become political strategists of our “Own” Lives. We should devote time for introspection and deepen our awareness.

Diversify your portfolio and enhance your “Own” life!

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