All we ever really need to know…


Growing up in the 90s, one of those books that really impacted a young mind and flipped life around was Robert Fulghum’s All I ever really needed to know, I learnt in Kindergarten. Till date, some of the most important life lessons, imparted in some of the simplest words ever written. And now, nearly 20 years after first reading the book, some of those resound in our ears again, as we, the kids of the 90s, raise our own next gen.

Children, no matter which year they were born, are simply more connected with their true nature than many of us adults are. As they grow, the various pressures that come to play into their lives, school and peers not the least of them, turn their thoughts and orientations down other roads. No longer do they retain that natural, organic connection to eternal truths and simple but basic life philosophies. They lose much of it due to thoughts and ideas imposed on them by society. For our part, we as adults are so conditioned to think that what young children say can be funny and sweet, but certainly not life-altering, because it all seems too simple and straight-forward to be deep and profound!  If we only learned to listen with our hearts.

Sample these.

A mom says: I want you to go to art class. A three-year old replies: “Why? I already know how to draw!”

A dad says: Let me teach you math. A five-year old says: “I can count to 500, that’s enough!”

Someone on TV says, “I don’t know how to dance!”. A seven-year-old wonders: “How can anyone not know how to dance? It’s the simplest thing in the world”.

A grandma sympathizes with her grandchild: No trips this year because of Corona Virus. He says: “But Grannie, let’s plan our trip, Corona Virus will end soon, I just know it!”

What can we learn from these little geniuses? That all lessons lie within us. We have to have the patience to explore within. We may not know everything in the world, but if we are confident about what we do know, that’s a great start. There is nothing Faith doesn’t have an answer for. God watches over us, and in the end, He will make everything alright.

Sometimes, one wonders why we as parents worry so much. Children know more than we  give them credit for. And many times, they actually do have all the answers.

Children look up to their parents until they are about 10 years old. This is the time that we as parents have to grow our bond with them by conversing about current situations in our lives and encourage them to provide their insight. Instead of constantly instructing them about what and how to do this or that, leave them to figure it out.  Create the space for them  to arrive at the whats and how on their own and voice our opinion only as needed.  The only valuable thing we as parents can do is create the exposure to the various aspects of life – nature, art science etc. Leave them to learn the way it is best suited for them to learn.  Doing this simple things will create internal ambience for them to connected to the source within.



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