How to Decorate a Meditation Room


It is no doubt that meditation is a sure way to remain mindful of your surrounding environment in the present age. Wherever you decide to do it, the environment needs to ooze with a relaxing ambiance. It is human nature to name rooms by what they use them for, and the first step should be creating a meditation spot in your home.

Clutter Free

Meditation needs a place where positive energy can flow smoothly. A meditation room that has clutter will inhibit the positive energy while encouraging build up of negative energy. Remove clutter from your intended meditation room to reduce distractions and promote the flow of positive energy. Make sure that you have minimal extra objects in your meditation room. Necessary items include a pillow, yoga mat, throw rug, and a small table.


This is the first step of decorating your meditation room since it gives you the bigger picture of the look of your meditation room. Select an overall theme of your room before you embark on choosing colors and the décor. It becomes easier to furnish your room with an idea already in mind other than putting things in place. Examples of the theme include Spartan/minimalistic, rainbow, spa, Temple and so much more.

Color Schemes

Since it is your meditation room, your personal taste, and preference will reign supreme. Different colors will make you feel a certain kind of way. It is crucial that you go through various colors and consider how they make you feel. Choose colors that will have a positive effect on your body and mind. Write down a list of feelings you want your meditation room to give and consult a color expert.


Light is an important aspect in your meditation room. Invest in light fixtures that you can control the brightness. Meditating in an overly bright room or a dark room can feed off your energy and fail to realize your meditation goals. The quality of light should also be a determinant when decorating your meditation room. Choose warm lighting for your meditation room, such as candles. Avoid fluorescent light is since it is cold and sterile. They have a high chance of irritation with flickering thus putting you off your balance.

The above tips are great when decorating your meditation room; however, it is best to follow your heart and your mind only placing elements you love in your meditation room. They should create a personal feeling of bliss.

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