Create What You Want With Daily Affirmations


Ups and downs in life are normal and can be quite a learning experience – if we know how to stay open to both.  Avoiding the challenging or adverse circumstances in our life is only to our detriment, for it is  from these trying situations that we learn how to rise to challenges and come out ahead.  There are numerous instances in our daily life where we hear stories of how people have risen up to face challenges and have felt great about themselves. How did these people go through these trying circumstances and still come out jubilant? Perhaps they have the skills and competence, or a benefactor/mentor that guided them, or someone who always offered a shoulder to cry on. What is common  in each of these scenarios is the person got a sense of comfort, encouragement, feeling of self-worth, which gave them the 3  C’s – courage, confidence and clarity to plough through.  All these are wonderful external support systems that we must use when going through a tough period.  While it is good to have external support systems to sound out our thoughts, feelings and ideas, it behooves us to build our internal systems to enhance our own capability.

Each one of us is born with these capabilities – body, mind, emotions and energy. It is how well we know to use them that decides how capable we can be. It is within our capability to rise beyond the most dire of circumstance and emerge on the other side unscathed. All of the turmoil and negativity is happening in our minds. So the first step to take charge of that out of control mind is to get physically healthy.  A healthy body houses a healthy mind, one that does not go haywire when a difficult situation arises.  The second step in the process is to make the mind a friend, one that will give you the right messages when you need it the most. The mind is like a mirror that reflects everything we have put into it. If we have unconsciously put negativity, anger, resentment etc that is what the mind regurgitates. So we have to consciously give the mind empowering thoughts, which it will reflect back to us, like a friend who gives us empowering words of encouragement and support. Doing this on a daily basis has a profound effect on the mind. When mind and body are healthy, the energy system follows suit, creating a sense of wellbeing.

Giving your mind empowering thoughts is called an affirmation. Affirmation has the power to create a healthy mind, just like exercise creates a healthy body.  It frees us from mediocrity and moves us to a expanded zone where anything is possible. We move from a “No” state to a “Yes” state, from “Can’t” to “Can”.  Affirmation can be whatever we are desiring to achieve or simply to know that we are empowered, capable of taking on anything. What we really want to create must first happen in our mind, before manifesting outside.

Here are some tips on creating effective affirmation statements for yourself.

  • Start with ” I am.”
  • Keep the present tense.
  • Say what you want with proper intent and sincerity.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Make it specific.
  • Feel the emotion of it as you say it, as if you are already there living your reality.

For example: “I am living a happy and joyful life” or ” I am thrilled that I am getting a promotion to a manager position.”

Set aside a few minutes – ideally 10 minutes – for affirmations daily. It is best to do it when fresh in the morning or relaxed in the evening.  Taking a shower before sitting down for affirmation provides the much needed relaxation creating the necessary mood and space for an effective affirmation session. It is a conscious way of changing how we think and feel about ourselves, which manifests in our actions and eventually moves us towards a successful and happy life.

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