33 Days and 10 Minutes – Yoga Challenge


New year is here and we are well into January.  From nature’s perspective spring is a fresh start to life. It is the time when leaves are sprouting, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, insects are buzzing and animals are prancing around. What a wondrous cacophony of sounds! However, for most of us, New Years is the fresh start to a lot of things. As the new year ushers in we get excited about putting our improvement goals into action. The most common goals made at this time of the year are around losing weight, wholesome nutritious diets, exercising regularly etc. Every other goal, whether it is about getting a new job or making more money, is dependent on how healthy and good we feel about ourselves. Health permeates everything.

It is still very early in the new year, which means it is time to take a mental stock of how realistic your health goals are and whether you can keep it up. If work, family and other mundane chores have taken over your schedule and are threatening to put your health related goals on the back burner, consider taking a 33 days 10 minute ” Yoga Challenge”.  Why 33 days? Simply, because it is a nice number. 10 minutes is a small time commitment, and can be easily be accommodated in a busy day, done right at home, and leaves you feeling great.

Are you ready for the challenge? Say “YES” and make it happen for yourself!

Click on the video to get started.

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