How to Clean a Jade Yoga Mat


All Jade yoga mats are open cell. This means that the material they are made of tends to be more absorbent than your average yoga pad. In other words think of them like a sponge. Although there are many benefits to this type of design, at the end of the day they absorb sweat much easier. One of the benefits of a Jade yoga mat is its traction. You will not have to worry about slipping around while in the middle of your yoga routine.

This can be beneficial in making sure that the moisture from your body does not gather on the surface of the pad during your routine. The only negative to these types of mats is that they collect bacteria rather efficiently. But with a little regular maintenance this issue does not have to be massive. You should make sure to wipe it down after every use. Buy a mat cleaner even to help with the process. It is red that you wipe it down well first before applying a rag soaked in warm water mixed with light soap.

Regular Care

You should already be wiping your mat down regularly with a damp cloth after each use. It all depends on how much you practice. If you practice daily you may as well be cleaning your mat daily.

Best Methods

There are other methods you can use for deeper cleans. One of them involves mixing one part of vinegar with 3 parts of water. You then use the solution to wipe down your mouth on both sides. At the end rinse your mouth with hot water and that will eliminate the smell of vinegar. When you are done you want to give your mat some time to air-dry. However, do leave it in sunlight, because this will wear your mat out. You can even wash your mat in the shower and then hang it up like a towel. The bath works great as well, just make sure that you do not leave any excess soap on your mat for your next yoga session.

Keep in mind that these cleaning methods will vary depending on how often you attend class. As you settle into a routine you will figure out which method of cleaning your mat works best for you. If you practice only once a month, then chances are you won’t have much to clean. But as soon as you smell that certain smell, make sure to give it a good scrub. If you’re mad begins to lose some of its grip, this could also be a sign that it needs to be cleaned.

Avoid This

One thing to keep in mind is that using alcohol or oils to clean your mat is a No-No. Products will negatively affect the rubber on your mat. You don’t want the essential rubber grips to wear out end break down. We all know how important they are.

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