Benefit of Living in Consecrated Spaces


If we are sensitive to our surroundings, we can perceive the mood and ambience of the space we are in. There are certain spaces in which we feel vibrant, alive, relaxed and nurtured. Such spaces are usually temples, churches, synagogues  and other high energy spaces where a different type of energy has been consciously created for a certain purpose.  Spending time in these spaces enhances wellbeing, because the quality of the energy is transformational as it can speed up the evolutionary process.

The process of  evolution is a natural phenomenon.  The evolution from a single celled to a multi-cellular  organism, from invertebrates to vertebrates to this human form has taken billions of years.  The human form is considered as an ultimate form and no further physical evolution is possible because the size of the brain has grown to its full potential and the only evolution that humans can aspire is that of a spiritual nature – the process of awakening and activating our energies.

The dimension of existence that is not fully within our grasp are our energies and how this energy travels through established pathways meeting and redistributing at junction points – which are called Chakras (Wheel in Sanskrit).  A person is considered self-realized or enlightened or fully evolved when this energy awakens and makes it way from the Mooladhara (root chakra) opening up layer after layer of the mind as it travels through the different chakras to its final destination and the last chakra – the Sahasrara.

If left to the natural evolutionary growth this process could take millions of years.  Spiritual seekers hasten this process through yogic practices and meditation and by living in consecrated spaces that are specially created for this purpose.  One can speed through the evolutionary process by living in a charged space.  People who live in such spaces can undergo phenomenal change in their brain function, in their physiological function, and in their genetic material within a short period of time.

The very fundamental building blocks in the system can be changed very rapidly if one lives in a consecrated space.  One land that has been steeped in spiritual tradition, yoga, and meditation for thousands of years – producing a vast multitude of enlightened beings – is India.  It so happened because the land is filled with consecrated spaces, so much so that the process of consecration has been looked upon as a technology for wellbeing.  Every temple in India is specially designed for one’s inner wellbeing and spiritual growth.  If we want to have generations of enhanced human beings, we need these kinds of spaces.  Otherwise, such an evolutionary miracle happens more by accident than by design, and that could take eons.

Everything that we see is the same energy manifesting itself in a million different ways.  An insect, stone, tree, bird, human being and the Divine are all the same energy functioning in different ways. The process of transforming this energy to create a Divine possibility for a human being is Consecration.  For example, when we transform soil into food, we call this agriculture. When food becomes flesh and bone, we call this digestion.  When the body returns to soil, we call this cremation.  So Consecration is a live process or technology where a stone or an empty space can be turned into a Divine possibility.  With such a technology, we can make any space around us into a divine exuberance – a space to provide true wellbeing and catapult the human being into enlightenment.



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