A Message


If spirit could speak to us directly, it might say the following:

Your existence in human form has separated you from all of existence for a moment.  To have this temporary experience is to witness separation, to witness individuality, to witness the spectrum of human experience, the spectrum of this material reality, the spectrum of emotions individualized through you.  In your human experience, you become the extension of the human collective – an experiment conducted through you.  Learnings derived through your experiences, realizations driven by your search for truth.  The separation and reconnection to all of existence will happen in continuous cycles.  The immediate cycle that you experience is the entirety of a lifetime.  Bigger cycles are the creation of entire forms of consciousness, and the dissolution and integration of this formed consciousness into other levels, other forms of consciousness of greater kind.  All of consciousness lives and exists within what we consider the grand consciousness of existence.  You are part of this, and your existence in itself is unique.  Your experience in this totality of existence is unique.  Your learnings and realizations are unique.  Therefore, all of your experiences are valid and true.  Your perspectives, your judgments and your emotions are equally valid and true.  Your unique perspective cannot be recreated.  It is momentary only through you.  Yet in this formulation of your perspective, and this formulation of your reality, you learn.  You grow and you evolve, as well as all of human consciousness does. Everything that you perceive, everything that you realize, returns to the collective.  And it becomes your service to the collective.  It becomes your service to yourselves.  Your dedication for growth, your request for answers, your continuous search and innate desire to self-realize is intrinsic to you, intrinsic to the human experience.  And in this growth process, you move closer to self-realization.  One of the primary objectives in the human experience is self-realization of the individual.  Your journey unique to you, yet innately driving your evolution, innately driving the evolution and the expansion of consciousness.  Thank you for being on this journey.  Thank you for receiving the support that is provided to you by other human beings, by other beings of non-material kind, by forms of consciousness that are in support of your existence – creative as well as destructive forces all of which serve this existence that you are currently in.  Learn from everything that is within your reality, even those experiences that you judge to be difficult to be bad, to be challenging to your core, are experiences to be cherished, are experienced to be learned by.  The beauty of human experience, the beauty of the human form is a gift to you.  It is a gift to your soul that has chosen the human experience as a valid form of learning, growth and evolution, while the human collective will learn, your soul will learn as well in the process of your human experience.


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