5-min Yoga for Effortless Living


Have you noticed that some people seem to float through their day, and for others it’s a struggle?  They might be doing the same activity, but for one it comes so easily and for the other it takes great effort.  We can draw a metaphor with cars – why does one travel smoothly along the highway, and another sputters along with great clatter and smoke?

In a way, we too are mechanisms.  We have bodies and minds that are capable of either running efficiently, or rather ineffectively.  Our lives can be smooth, or full of friction.  Despite what you may think, while intelligence and capability define the spectrum of activity, they don’t define the ease with which accomplishments are met.  That is a different dynamic.  That is grace.  This quick daily practice is a way to open ourselves up to grace.

As with all yoga, it’s best to do it in an undisturbed space and with an empty stomach.  Sitting very relaxes, with the spine erect, and holding yoga mudra, we close the eyes and face slightly upwards.  Maintain a mild focus between the eyebrows and be conscious of the natural movement of breath without trying to control it in any way.

Sitting like this for five minutes, and just sinking into the self… allowing the chant of Yogarathova Bhogarathova (see video) to marinate.  Thoughts may arise but we only observe from afar and are not swept away by them.  We allow them to come and go like clouds.  We simply sit, totally relaxed, totally open, allowing grace to just envelope our whole being.

The transcript of the chant is as follows:

Yogarathova bhogarathova               Through yoga or through pleasure

Sangarathova sangivheenah             In company or alone

Yasya brahmani ramate chittam        One who keeps his mind on Brahman

Nandati nandati nandatyeva             He enjoys, he enjoys, only he enjoys



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