8 Techniques for Coping with Heartbreak


Heartbreak comes in many forms, although it is almost always in regards to the loss of a significant person in our lives. This may be through separation, break-up, divorce, death, or moving. Whatever the cause of your heartbreak, there are a few very helpful tips and tricks that can help you cope with it. Keep reading to find out more.

Tips & Tricks For Coping With Heartbreak

1. Know that your feelings are meaningful and relevant. It is okay to feel sad, or angry, when suffering the loss of someone. Yes, even if they have only moved away.

2. Allow yourself time to cry if you feel that is what you need. Crying is your body’s way of releasing extreme feelings of anger, guilt, sadness, or frustration, and can be incredibly therapeutic.

3. Channel your emotions. This can be through a hobby or activity you enjoy, exercise, staying busy, journaling, or any other healthy activity.

4. Avoid the use of mind-altering substances. This includes recreational drugs, and alcohol. Although you may feel better temporarily, your heartbreak will only feel worse once you snap back to reality. Using drugs or alcohol as a way to relieve stress or extreme emotions can also lead to alcoholism or drug dependency.

5. Talk about it with someone you trust. People often feel relieved after they have shared their feelings with another person. This could be a parent, friend, spouse, or therapist. Talking is another therapeutic way to release pent-up feelings.

6. Remember to take care of yourself. You may feel down, or like taking care of yourself is a hassle. But making sure your body is properly cared for can lessen the intensity of your heartbreak. Remember to get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, engage in moderate exercise, and eat a well balanced diet.

7. When the loss causing your heartbreak is final, such as in the event of death, break up, or divorce, try not to dwell on the negative. Although it may be hard, focusing on the positive changes or happy memories you shared with that person, can help you to heal your heartbreak.

8. Forgiveness is key. If you suffer from guilt, feelings of betrayal, or if the heartbreak is the result of the other person doing you wrong, holding a grudge will only hurt you. Instead, forgive to the best of your abilities, so that you may heal and move on.

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